New Yukon animal control facility ‘full’ of adoptable dogs

Staff working with area rescues, debunk rumors about ‘mass euthanasia’

Yukon Animal Control supervisor Kelly Robichaud oversees operations at the City of Yukon’s new 12,000 square foot shelter, 701 Inla - Unit A. Animal control staff is working with area rescues to take some of the dogs that have filled the facility. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

Many quality animals are seeking a new “leash” on life at the City of Yukon’s Animal Control Facility, 701 Inla – Unit A. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

Staff members at the Yukon Animal Control Facility are working with area rescues because they are full of adoptable dogs and need to make space.

The City of Yukon’s new 12,000 square foot shelter, 701 Inla – Unit A – opened in late January featuring 40 dogs runs and 86 cat condos, with separate rooms for quarantined, stray and court-held animals.

Yukon Animal Control officials recently had to debunk rumors after receiving calls about whether they were going to conduct a “mass euthanasia”.

“We are not,” Yukon Animal Control posted April 14 on its Facebook page.

The City of Yukon-owned building has been temporarily closed to the public and the doors are locked due to concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Matthew is just one of the many adorable pooches now staying at the Yukon Animal Control Facility who seeks a new loving home. (Photo provided)

Animal control staff still cleans, disinfects and takes care of animals housed at the shelter.

But Yukon Animal Control is still offering adoptions in the facility’s outside dog run – by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment, call (405) 350-4PET (4738) after 11 a.m. Animals available for adoption can be viewed on Yukon Animal Control’s Facebook page.


The Yukon Animal Control Facility recently announced other temporarily policies and procedures:

  • Stray animal intake is suspended until further notice. Yukon residents are encouraged to not detain or collect any stray or found animals unless they are willing to house and care for the animal until the owner is located.
  • Residents can report a found animal they are keeping in their custody online at
  • Residents who identify a stray animal that remains at large or appears dangerous can report the location of the animal by calling (405) 350-4738. A Yukon Animal Control officer will respond to the area.
    These services have been suspended until further notice at the Yukon Animal Control Facility:
    • Owner animal surrenders.
    • Loaning, retrieving, relocating any animals in any city owned or personally owned traps.
    • Visitation of court held dogs.
    For more information, call (405) 350-4738 or visit Yukon Animal Control’s Facebook page.