Dining in again

"It's good to be back"

Keith Trolinger, 68, of Yukon, returned to dining at Mae's Home Cooking Friday in Yukon. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Not all restaurants have reopened in Yukon or the surrounding areas Friday, although many customers returned to booths and tables that have been empty during the pandemic.

The plan to reopen the economy took a step forward Friday in Yukon. The reopening of restaurants and other businesses has been debated as COVID-19 cases increase in Canadian County and statewide.

Yukon is following Gov. Stitt’s plan to reopen. Bars have not reopened, but barber shops and hair and nail salons have.

Keith Trolinger, 68, of Yukon, is a customer of Mae’s Home Cooking on the east side of the city on Main Street, and he showed up early Friday morning for the first time in about six weeks.

Mae’s reopened for breakfast and lunch Friday. They had been closed to dining in customers.

“I’ve been a regular for many years here,” Trolinger said. “It’s good to be back.”

For the past several weeks, Trolinger had coffee at home. Friday he had his oatmeal and bananas for breakfast at Mae’s. When he couldn’t dine in during the pandemic, he also worked from home.

“I helped the wife get a lot of stuff done around the house,” Trolinger said.

Some restaurants did not immediately reopen for dining in Friday.

But Mae Welliver, owner of Mae’s, celebrated a birthday Thursday and went to work again with orders from those inside the diner. She had a full restaurant with the breakfast crowd.

“It was good, as a matter of fact it was pretty good. It was real good to be reopen,” Welliver said, standing with her great

grandson Boston Henderson, 8, of Yukon.

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