No COVID-19 cases reported at Spanish Cove in Yukon

Residents, staff following all safety guidelines


By Esther Winterfeldt
Spanish Cove Correspondent

Spanish Cove in Yukon has no cases of Covid-19 among residents or staff since the outbreak earlier this year.

In light of the numerous reports of the virus among nursing home residents in many locations throughout the country, this is a very positive achievement, said Don Blose, Spanish Cove CEO.

Blose and the administrative staff put directives in place that followed the Oklahoma Department of Health and CDC recommendations as soon as they were issued and this is credited with early preventive steps,.

Both residents and staff follow the guidelines by wearing masks, observing social distancing and staying inside. Visitors are not allowed and all persons coming in or out are screened by temperature checks at a central point. Residents can enjoy walks around the campus and many take advantage of this every day.

All the usual activities at the Cove are on hold with the exception of those that can be conducted by digital means. The book club, health talks, Sunday services, and even board meetings continue on social media. As resident Bill Gillespie commented, “I’m now using Zoom and I didn’t even know it existed until recently.” Debbie Miller, Fitness director, has put several of the exercise routines on the Spanish Cove YouTube channel to encourage residents to stay healthy and active in their individual practice.

Seniors at Spanish Cove are seeing the results of active lifestyles that help maintain good health and disease resistance. Fitness testing is conducted yearly. The tests show that Spanish Cove residents on the whole, meet or exceed national norms in selected physical tests of strength, endurance, and agility and dynamic balance.


Both men and women score at a high level when compared to similar age groups. Seniors may even be beating the average for longevity.

The average mortality statistic in the U.S. is 78.8 years. The average age of Spanish Cove residents is 87 years, indicating that the mortality rate is several years longer than the national average.