Back in the 1900s, my first article appeared


I learned of the changes ahead for The Edmond Sun this week and the furloughs for fellow colleagues in journalism that have continued to happen. The Edmond paper merged with The Norman Transcript.

I have great respect for both newspapers, whose staffs have covered their communities with passion and professionalism for decades, and I’ve become acquainted with many of those in this business of newspaper reporting.

My very first article in newsprint came from what was then The Edmond Evening Sun. This was way back in the 1900s. (1981)

I was a junior on the newspaper staff of the Deer Creek High School Times. Every other week The Edmond Evening Sun printed a Deer Creek Times page.

I remember waiting by the mailbox for that evening edition that would have my very first byline in print, my name in ink on paper. I still have the newspaper, now in a box in the attic that is getting too hot again to go search for as warm weather returns.

Back on that school night in high school, the Edmond paper of course came in the evening. So, I waited and when the paper came, I flipped to the back section for the high school news page, but the Deer Creek edition was not there.

I think it was the Edmond High School paghe. Well, I had to wait another week, but it eventually came out and I kept writing more.

I reported the first bond issue election to build a new Deer Creek High School that opened the fall of 1982.

I’d continue to find more stories to write for newsprint over the next 35 years or so. Which brings me to today. I was happy to receive a report from the Beecham Cemetery Association about an annual meeting they had May 2.

This is the time of year to visit the cemeteries for upkeep or to pay respects and there are still historic ones in the area. As more and more development takes space in areas, historic cemeteries can be surrounded and forgotten.

I have always appreciated those who are interested in and work to preserve local history.
Another good way to spend some time outdoors is by gardening. Tomatoes, okra, cantaloupes, are all coming up as I write.

And Canadian County Master Gardeners horticulture educator Courtney Keck of Yukon reminds us that gardening is not only a good way to produce fresh vegetables, but it also is a great way to get exercise and much needed therapy in a stressful time.

Watch for the native wildflowers across our area landscapes as the red, purple yellow and white ones are starting to show.

And, thank you Edmond Evening Sun for printing the newspaper articles I wrote in high school.

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