Fishin’ with the family


By Jeremy Pyle
Contributing Writer

Fishing is the ultimate way to social distance. You don’t have to be around other people, and if you have a family that likes to fish, it is a great way to get out of the house, get some sun on your face, and maybe even catch some fish.

Family fishing trips are where fishing life starts for most kids. Passing the excitement down through the generations is what keeps fishing alive. I remember the first time I ever caught a fish. I was fishing a couple small lakes in Northern California called blue lakes. My mom set me up with a little pole and a worm. Instantly I started getting bites and I could feel the enthusiasm building. Boom! Fish on! It wasn’t very big, it was on a bobber next to a dock, but as soon as the fish was hooked, so was I.

Family fishing is easy. All you need is a desire to get out of the house and a little sense of adventure. You can fish just about any where there is water. You don’t need a boat, you don’t need any special gear. Just take your fishing poles, hooks, weights, and whatever bait you may need. Once you are loaded up, pick out a spot that you like, whether its a river, lake, stream, or pond, and get to fishing.

Family fishing trips are great. Have you ever seen the face of a child who just caught their first fish? Have you ever

Charlotte Cobb shows off a channel cat caught at Lake Eufaula. (Photo by Susan Cobb)

watched the excitement as they get that fish out of the water and watch it flop around on the ground? It is indescribable. You can see the addiction to fishing growing with every fish that is caught. It is awesome to watch.

So get out there. Go fishing with the family. Most campgrounds are open again. Fishing and camping go together like peanut butter and jelly. It goes together like fried catfish and lemon butter. We can get back to some bit of normalcy in spite of COVID-19 pandemic, and we can do that with things like fishing and camping so we don’t put ourselves or others at risk. And at the same time we can get our youth off the video games and get them back outdoors like it was when WE were kids.

For now, I will say once again thanks for reading the Oklahoma Catfish Report, Fishin’ With The Family.

And as always send me some pictures of fish that you and the family have caught at email