Return to exercise, reading and leisure

Yukon’s library, gym and community center reopen Monday


By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

A step closer to a return of normal was taken in Yukon, with the planned reopening of public facilities.

But precautions are urged by city officials.

The Yukon Community Center, 2200 S. Holly Ave., Mabel C. Fry Public Library, 1200 Lakeshore Drive, and the Jackie Cooper Gymnasium, 1024 E Main Street, were closed in March in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yukon leaders are following the state’s plan to reopen. Vulnerable, older adults over age 65 are urged to shelter at home.

The number of people inside buildings will be limited, and hand-sanitizer will be available.

All Yukon parks, trails and playgrounds have been reopened.

The library children’s section has not reopened.


For more information about the library call (405) 354-8232.

The gym telephone number is (405) 350-8920.
The community center is (405) 354-8442.