Ken Dickerson, former county special district judge, dies

Funeral services 10 a.m. Friday at Piedmont First United Methodist Church. (Obituary In-story)

Ken Dickerson, former Canadian County district judge and a Piedmont philanthropist died Saturday, May 30. (Photo provided)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

Ken Dickerson, a member of a founding Piedmont family, who was known for serving as a county special district judge and for contributing to a historical museum and a veterans’ center, died Saturday.

A funeral for Dickerson, 81, will be 10 a.m. Friday at Piedmont First United Methodist Church.

Hoss Cooley, 70, helped Dickerson build a new Piedmont Historical Society building in 2012 west of the post office. He also helped Dickerson with the Piedmont Area Veterans Association Museum in May, 2015. In May, 2019, Dickerson opened the Piedmont Veterans Events Center.

Dickerson gave his own money toward the project and dedicated the building to his late wife Jan Dickerson.

Ken Dickerson was a former Canadian County special district judge. He was also an attorney, and his legal knowledge helped set up the veterans’ association, Cooley said..

“He (Dickerson) was a great guy. He helped the veterans tremendously,” Cooley said.

Ken Dickerson also helped maintain the historic Kansas Cemetery, where his relatives who were early area settlers, are buried. He was the president of the cemetery association.

Cooley has lived in Piedmont 41 years and works as a general contractor. He knew Ken Dickerson about 20 years he said.

“Ken was a good friend,” Cooley said.