Grady’s crawfish boil underway in Yukon

Live music ahead Sunday night on Main Street

Nathan Cross, manager of Grady's 66 Pub welcomes people to the Sunday Crawfish Boil.(Photo by Robert Medley)

The 10th annual Grady’s 66 Pub Crawfish Boil is underway Sunday with live music planned through the evening.

At 444 W Main, the party could last until 2 a.m., said manager Nathan Cross.

“It’s going real well. We can’t open until 2 p.m. in Canadian County on Sunday, but right at 2 o’clock we had a crowd waiting to get in. So we hit the ground running,” Cross said. “We can operate until 2 a.m. if we have customers,” Cross said.

Rick Jawnsun and Justin Pruitt, performed with electric and acoustic guitars inside the bar Sunday afternoon. Their sets were scheduled 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

At 7 p.m., the “Sunday School Show,” features, Avery Stinnett and Justine Prine.

Justin Pruitt and Rick Jawnsun play at the Grady’s 66 Pub Crawfish Boil Sunday, June 7. (Photo by Robert Medley)


Local Elvis impersonator and rockabilly singer Brian Lee Dunning drove up in his “Batmobile.”

He said he has not played a show since the pandemic in March. He has missed seeing shows too.

“This is fun. The Crawfish Boil is fun. I’ve been the last few years. Things are returning to more normal,” Dunning said.

Brian Lee Dunning parks at Grady’s 66 Pub Crawfish Boil Sunday, June 7. (Photo by Robert Medley)

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