Peaceful protesters gather along Main Street

Police offer their support


By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

Her sign read, “Creator Doesn’t See Color! But He See’s the Heart. Stop the hate. Share the Love.”

Debra Longley of Yukon leads a peaceful protest near Yukon Parkway on Main Street Monday with others. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Debra Longley, 42, of Yukon, explained why she was waving her sign as motorists honked their horns in support. No one drove by displaying any opposition on a hot Monday afternoon near rush hour.

A police officer in an SUV pulled up just east of the Yukon Parkway about 4 p.m. Monday and stopped to tell the group in the median they had the full support of the Yukon police and to call if they needed any help, members said. About 40 peaceful protesters stood in the median to wave signs.

“Native Lives Matter.” “Black Lives Matter.” These words were also on her sign Monday.

“I’m here to support my friends and family who are parts of different tribes and distant colors to help bring justice and peace and equality,”

She said the group consisted of Yukon people who were not part of specific groups.

“We are just individuals. We all wanted to come together to show our support,” Longley

Erik Ramirez, 16, of Yukon, waves his sign at the peaceful protest on Main Street near Yukon Parkway on Monday. (Photo by Robert Medley)


Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests have taken place nationwide. A group called Canadian County Voices is working on a rally and march in Yukon to the police station next week, a spokesperson said.

Monday the group in Yukon cheered as motorists honked at them.

Erik Ramirez, 16, of Yukon explained why he took to the street Monday.

“I just think Black Lives Matter is a really important issue right now currently in the situation with the racial injustice across America. I think it is really important to make our voice heard in protest.”


April Sanchez, 17, of Yukon said she supports Black Lives Matter.

“I think that right now this is very important for our youth especially to speak out, but also the whole community because this has been going on for hundreds of years. Although we’ve made progress we are still facing a lot of issues, especially the black community, they are still facing discrimination and I think in a town where nothing had really been talked about I’m glad that we are making a difference and we are bringing attention to the community and I think it is awesome,” Sanchez said.