Biggest barrier for fishermen is finding a hot spot

Asher Jackson holds up a bluegill caught Wednesday, June 10, at Mulvey’s Pond using a small piece of hot dog. (Photo by Jeremy Pyle)

By Jeremy Pyle
Contributing Writer

When you talk American past times, you think baseball, you think steak and eggs, and for me I think fishin’.

It’s as American as apple pie. But, a lot of times, the biggest barrier between newer fisherman and fishing is finding a good spot to take the family out to. I present you pond fishing.

Most people don’t know, but fishing in a pond can be super exciting. Usually, the fish do not have a huge food source, which makes them hungry for your bait. Also, most of the time, especially in local and city ponds, they stock them regularly with good fish. So, catching fish is usually pretty darn easy. For me, I like to take my pole, put a bobber on it, hang a worm off a hook, and well, get ready to reel in some fish because just about any pond fish will bite on a worm.

Friday, June 19. Mulvey’s Pond, Yukon OK.

If you have kids aged 5-11, be there or be square. It will be “Friday Fun Day”. Friday Fun Days are fun activities put on by the Yukon Parks and Recreation Department every Friday during the summer. These are FREE events to attend. This event will be the Little Angler’s Fishing Derby. First cast is set for 8 a.m. Friday, June 19. There will be prizes for the biggest fish, most fish caught and longest fish. All participants must be accompanied by an adult and bring their own bait and fishing pole. I personally plan on attending the event and will be handing out prizes myself to the most excited fisherperson, first fish ever caught by a young fisherperson, and for the parent that shows up with the most kids, I will be doling out sonic gift cards.

What will be nice is that they stocked Mulvey’s Pond recently, so the fishing should be pretty good. And when you are talking about getting the next generation fishing and enjoying the outdoors, its always important that they have a good time. Catching fish is what gets them hooked. I always say, they hook a fish and then they are hooked on fishing.

Here are a few pointers for the newer fishermen and women out there trying to get started but don’t know where to begin. First, you don’t need expensive gear. A $20 pole at Walmart will do you just fine, and also hooks, weights and bait are easy to come by at any fishing department. Second, fishing spots are easy to locate. It may be hard to think of one while sitting on the couch, but when you are out and about, keep your eyes open for ponds and other good fishing spots close to home. And lastly, just go do it. Procrastination has ruined more fishing trips than not catching fish.
If you haven’t found a good reason to get out and buy that fishing license, make sure you get one.

It is only $25 and lasts for the entire rest of the year. Walmart has them as well as just about any bait shop. Also, when you DO go out fishing, which I am SURE I have convinced you to do now, take some pictures and submit them to so I can put them in the newspaper. Finally, don’t forget to like our Facebook pages at the Yukon Progress, Okarche Warrior and the Piedmont-Surrey Gazette.

Tight lines everybody! As always, thank you for reading this week’s Oklahoma Catfish Report. I hope to see you next Friday, June 19 8 a.m. at Mulvey’s Pond in Yukon.