Sales tax revenues drop within county

COVID-19 pandemic causes decreases overall

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By Erik Jackson
Contributing Writer

Municipalities within Canadian County saw sales tax revenues drop and use tax collections increase for the most recent period reported by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Figures were released Thursday for a period of April and May.

Yukon collected $1,802,711, falling from $2,042,901 in 2019 for an 11.76% decrease compared to this time last year. Use tax numbers increased to $206,077 compared with $186,549 for the period one year prior.

Mustang was the lone city to enjoy an increase in sales tax revenue. Mustang earned $1,060,555 versus $1,049,340 in 2019. Use tax also saw a substantial bump, as the figures reflect a 36% increase. Mustang collected $117,905 in 2020 in comparison with $75,380 one year ago.

El Reno suffered the biggest losses of any municipality. Sales tax collections fell 36.5%, as the city netted only $674,330 compared with $1,061,152 in 2019. Use tax plummeted, as El Reno collected a mere $174,046 versus $491,575 one year prior.

Oklahoma City too saw its numbers fall. Sales tax revenue slipped to $1,469,285 in comparison with $1,767,508 in 2019. However, use tax increased by nearly a third, moving to $648,076 versus $490,381 in 2019.

Piedmont’s sales tax dropped to $173,00 from $191,449 in 2019. Good news came in use tax collections, as Piedmont’s revenue jumped 45%. The city collected about $77,000 in 2020 versus $39,217 one year ago.

Okarche witnessed a mixed bag, as sales tax collections in Canadian County increased to $44,478 versus $40,772 in 2019. However, revenue in Kingfisher County offset the figures, as it was down $7,000. Use tax finished at $1,296, a fall of 10% from $1,434.23 one year ago. Fortunately, collections in the Kingfisher County portion of Okarche were up by $3,500.


As a whole, Canadian County suffered a difficult month, as sales tax revenue fell by exactly one third.

Final numbers show $519,644 collected in 2020 versus $778,056 in 2019. Use tax also dropped to $109,176, an 18.6% decrease from $134,069 collected in 2019.