Court clerk candidate Hunt says residents ready for a change

Looking to unseat incumbent; says people tired of ‘business as usual’

Rindie Hunt

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

Looking to unseat the three-term incumbent in the race for district court clerk, Rindie Hunt says Canadian County residents are ready for a positive change.

The El Reno woman, who previously served seven years as chief deputy in the Canadian County Court Clerk’s Office, is challenging Marie Hirst in the Tuesday, June 30 primary election. Both candidates are Republicans and the race will be decided at the primary.

The winner will start the next four-year term in January 2021.

The challenger has a passion to help people.

“I understand everyone visits the courthouse for various reasons, whether it is for jury duty, a traffic ticket, marriage license, etc.,” Hunt said.

As she contends for the court clerk’s post, Hunt said she wants to improve the working relationship with the sheriff, district attorney, judges, bailiffs, court reporters, and other county offices.

“I want to ensure the taxpayer dollars are being used properly,” Hunt said.

One way she plans to do this is to turn an existing office into a conference room so webinar training can be provided to more employees – thus saving travel cost.

Hunt, if elected, said she also plans to increase the quality and efficiency of the public’s visits when they need to utilize the court clerk office.



Hunt cited her extensive knowledge of the inner-workings of the court clerk’s office, gained during her 16 years there dealing with criminal and civil cases.

For her previous service in the Canadian County Court Clerk’s Office, Hunt obtained her court clerk certificate issued by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

As chief deputy court clerk, she said she “effectively managed court staff by gaining trust and resolving personnel issues” while training “numerous employees.”

“I bridged the communication gap between the court clerk and employees as well as other county offices, as issues arose,” she said.

Hunt’s experience as chief bailiff/clerk for Canadian County District Judge Jack McCurdy permitted her to work directly with the judges, attorneys, sheriff’s department, and the public.

Hunt and her campaign committee have been placing campaign signs, both large and small, in yards across the county after many requests made through her campaign website (

She’s communicated with constituents through her “Rindie Hunt for Court Clerk” Facebook page while answering questions via Messenger. Hunt says she’s been blessed with the overwhelming, encouraging response she’s received on the campaign trail.

Asked why voters should choose her on June 30, Hunt replied that the people of Canadian County are “fed up with business as usual.”

“We have a court clerk that isn’t a true servant of the people and the people of Canadian County are ready for financial transparency of how the office spends their tax dollars,” she said.

If elected, the challenger pledged to establish strong, positive leadership and professionalism while using her unique experience as chief bailiff/clerk to serve her community.

“On June 30, voters will have that chance to have their voice heard loud and clear,” Hunt said.