County Court Clerk Marie Hirst is the “Norm”


For many of us, during the past few months, the regular, everyday things we are accustomed to doing have been disrupted. From mid-March until now, wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer every time you touch something, eating lots of meals in front of the television and even shaking hands at church-if you can even go to church, all have become the new normal way of living. I think it has affected a lot of us to the point of just wondering if things will ever get back to normal.

I have been thinking a lot about our community and our county especially during the month of June. I have been watching as many of our stores re-open and watching how many of our leaders handle getting things back to full operating capacity. All you hear these days is how we need to get back to the way things were. To me, it just sounds like we all appreciated how, not only Yukon, but how our county was operating.
Now, when I say our county, I am meaning our Canadian County Courthouse, our Canadian County Commissioners and our Children’s Justice Center. I am especially referring to the way processes and procedures are handled by our veteran Canadian County Court Clerk Marie Hirst.

Let me tell you something about Marie Hirst. She is a fighter. She seems to draw an opponent every time she is up for reelection. So far, she is undefeated. Marie Hirst has been our Canadian County Court Clerk for 12 years and it seems like the only time you ever hear or read anyone questioning the way she gets things done is about a week or two before everyone is heading to the polls to cast a ballot.

Now why is that always the situation? The answer is because Marie Hirst is effective. She has maintained excellent rapport with Canadian County residents who visit the courthouse for jury duty, to ask questions about probate or even to pay a traffic ticket. She has maintained great working relationships with our judges, law enforcement and other elected officials at the courthouse. Marie regularly participates in festivals throughout the County and has developed relationships with the people in these communities. She works her ass off asking permission from property owners, then placing her own campaign signs just to remind everyone that she is still working for us. She returns her phone calls, she is respectful of the media and she is one of the toughest, hard-working women I have ever seen in my thirty years in the newspaper business. She knows I watch her management style, and she gets it done right!

Marie Hirst is the “normal” that everyone remembers, and everyone is hoping to get back too! Folks let me tell you, Marie Hirst is the norm. She is effective. She is the who, what, when, where and why that we need to keep as our Canadian County Court Clerk.
On Tuesday, as we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July and AMERICA, go to the polls, VOTE for Marie Hirst and celebrate Canadian County. In our world of uncertainty where nothing seems to be normal anymore-let’s keep some things normal-put first things first and vote Marie Hirst!


How many of you would like it if Yukon was able to land a Red Lobster restaurant? How many of you would like to have a LUBY’S cafeteria right here in town?

How many of you who currently drive the Kilpatrick Turnpike to the Memorial Road location would love it if you were able to attend LobsterFest for your 6:00 p.m. dinner then be home by 7:30 in the evening. Sound familiar? Well it just might be a possibility. I will bring you some updates about some things I am working on just as soon as I get some more details. This pandemic will not last forever and I promise you, Yukon is ultimately going to get some more great stores and restaurants.


Just as I expected, Canadian County Commissioner Marc Hader and his wife State House District #41 Representative Denise Crosswhite-Hader last Saturday were in Tulsa to help with President Trump’s presidential rally at the BOK center. The Haders have done a really nice job of working closely with the Republican party and were again working to help accommodate all the President’s supporters seated together in Tulsa.


State Senator Stephanie Bice and I, in February, were on the same airplane heading to Washington, D.C. Bice jokingly told me the day after President Trump had given his state of the union address, that she thought I was following her around the country to see what she is up too! Bice and I hugged on each other last October at the Czech Fest as I was trying to entertain a group of my friends from Krnov. My Czech is very rusty so Bice coming over to see me was very welcomed.

I believe Stephanie has really done a tremendous job with State Senate District 22 and she is a force to be reckoned with in next Tuesday’s 5th District Congressional primary. I think we are going to see a showdown in November between the Democrat Kendra Horn and the Republican Stephanie Bice.

Stephanie Bice is ready for this seat, she knows what we need, and she knows what to do.

She needs our vote next Tuesday.

Thanks so much for reading. I will see you next Saturday. Would you like a Progress?

Yukon Progress Publisher Randy K. Anderson can be reached at (405) 517-5168 or