Scammers targeting Yukon residents


From Staff Reports

Yukon residents have made recent complaints to police about a scam that may be coming from overseas or within prison walls, said police Maj. Matt Fairchild.

People have complained that they have answered telephone calls from scammers who impersonate police officers, Fairchild said.

The scammers use names of actual officers when calling, and their caller ID shows the Yukon Police Department number.

The scammers first leave a recorded message stating they have confidential information. When someone tries to call the number back, they may talk to someone who claims they have a warrant for their arrest and then demand money, Fairchild said.


The calls could be coming from overseas. There is also evidence scams are being made from inside state and federal prisons, Fairchild said.

People should not return any such telephone message. And if anyone does call the number back, do not give any personal information, Fairchild said.

Anyone who receives a suspicious telephone call from a possible scammer can call Yukon’s non-emergency police line at (405) 354-2553.