Sales tax on the rise

4.5% increase expected for July in Yukon

City Manager Jim Crosby

Yukon’s sales tax revenue for July is up 4.5% compared to last year, according to a preliminary report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, City Manager Jim Crosby said.

Sales tax revenues paid to the city dipped in May due to the pandemic, but the receipts were not as low as feared in June as many businesses started to reopen.

Crosby told city council members at a Tuesday, July 7 regular meeting that he had good news from the tax commission regarding the check coming in for July.

“As a shocker, we got a preliminary report on our sales tax today, (Tuesday)it is not official, but it was up a little over 4% over a month ago which no one can figure out.,” Crosby said.

Crosby said the check should be deposited by Friday.

He said the good news about the sales tax comes with a report that an Oklahoma Department of Transportation contract on the Frisco Road Interchange project has been approved and work will start in two months.

“It’s been a good couple of days,” Crosby told council members Tuesday night.


Use tax is up 30% compared to May, he said.

Crosby said he expects the numbers will fluctuate.

The Yukon June sales tax check was $1,802,711 compared to $2,042,901 in 2019 and use tax was $206,077 this year compared to $186,549 in 2019. In May, sales tax was $1,765,912 compared to $1,982,526 in 2019.

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