Our citizens deserve the best for their money


The Dale Robertson Center and Mabel C Fry Library have been an essential part of the Yukon community for years. Senior citizens have enjoyed fellowship and bonded while pursuing active lifestyles and fun. Fathers and daughters made numerous memories at the Daddy Daughter Dance held in February each year. Elementary aged children have listened to authors read their favorite books and developed a love for literature. One could call this building a place of camaraderie that has united Yukon citizens of all ages for many years.

However, the center has seen its development slow through the years. While the city of Yukon grows at tremendous rates, both the Mabel C Fry library and Dale Robertson Center have reached a point where they can’t expand any further and are having a hard time keeping up with our booming city. Driving down main street, outsiders would have no idea that the building that houses books and exercise equipment, also houses the heart of Yukon- its oldest and youngest generations. The building and the people that attend it deserve more than what we are currently offering them.  A simple paint-job, new benches, and a new sign would make this venue more modern and inviting and a step in the right direction. But I feel that we can even do better. A new library, senior citizen center and a community center all rolled in together to give our citizens the very best for their hard earned money, is what they deserve.

This DRC is currently functioning as a community center and holds a vast number of events, open to all citizens. The DRC accommodates approximately five hundred guests, and has been utilized for many dances, reunions, weddings, and gatherings. The city in my opinion needs to cultivate a stylish and practical space that will oblige the preferences of both older and younger generations. We could fix up what we have with much needed updates such as new flooring, appliances, and an overall interactive area, but building a new state of the art complex would bring about even more events for our great city to accommodate. With a new inviting space, the citizens of Yukon would be even more connected than before and would develop an appreciation for an all in one center that citizens old and young can appreciate.

As our city continues to grow, we have an opportunity to help these plans come to fruition if we as a city feel that it’s the best move. A new senior citizen center could hold many more classes year round and keep fan favorites like the ukulele classes, line dancing, bingo, tai chi, and woodcarving classes!

I am thankful that we’ve had such a reliable building over these years. It’s amazing that even during this time of physical distancing that the DRC and the library has found a way to keep as many events going as it has by hosting them online such as cooking classes, science experiments, and book readings!.
I also would like to brag on our amazing librarians and the work that they have done to keep our library open, stocked and cleaned during this pandemic.

If you are wanting to get more involved, both the library and DRC have many opportunities available. As well as supporting and attending events, donations are always welcome! There is no better way to support the future of the Dale Robertson Center and Mabel C Fry Library than directly giving your time and resources and if you feel like I do that our oldest and youngest citizens deserve better, reach out and let your voice be heard.

Thank you,
Jeff V. Wootton
Yukon Vice Mayor
City Council-At Large