‘Weak is the New Strong’

YHS graduate authors new inspirational book

Yukon High School graduate Todd Lollar hasn’t let his physical weaknesses limit him. Born with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair, Lollar said his life embodies weakness. One day, God revealed to him that his deepest weaknesses are his greatest strengths. (Photo provided)

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

A Yukon High School graduate and newly published author wants people to know their weaknesses can become their greatest strengths.

Since he was young, Yukon native Todd Lollar hasn’t let his physical weaknesses limit him.

Lollar has cerebral palsy, which confined him to a wheelchair and slowed his speech. He’s never had the option of hiding his weaknesses.

“My life embodies weakness,” the 1991 YHS graduate said. “I was born with cerebral palsy. No one told me I had a choice.

“So, by default, my weakness was my deepest insecurity.”

Through God’s movement in the trials, Lollar became deeply thankful for what many would consider devastating. One day, God revealed to him that his deepest weaknesses are his greatest strengths, he said.

He is the author of “Weak Is the New Strong: God’s Perfect Power in You,” published by Leafwood Publishers.

The 192-page, 10-chapter book invites readers to journey with the author and discover how their greatest weakness – whatever it is – can be transformed by God’s strength.

God longs for His power to spring to life in people – and Lollar shows readers how they can serve others as a result.

“In the book, you’ll discover how and why your weakness is a conduit for God’s power,” he said. “It was so empowering when I realized the depth of the truth that God’s power is displayed through our weaknesses.

Todd Lollar, who grew up in Yukon, has dedicated his first book “Weak Is the New Strong” to his wife Marissa. The author says it’s time for the world to discover there’s power that is pure and holy, and not just power that is corrupt. The book’s foreward was written by Jase Robertson from “Duke Dynasty”. (Photo provided)

“I started seeing how many people I would meet struggled with weaknesses without this revelation. I see a deep need to get this important message out there.”

Lollar prays hundreds of thousands – and even millions – of people will be blessed by “Weak Is the New Strong.”


This is Lollar’s first book, and it was a many-years’ process.

Lollar, son of Yukon’s Joanne Riley and the late Gary Riley, grew up in Yukon and was manager on the Millers’ basketball team for two years.

Mother Joanne Riley said he’s always been charismatic and draws people to him.

“Todd never let that wheelchair and disability stop him,” said Riley, director of Yukon’s Compassionate Hands’ helping ministry. “He has always been driven. Through God, his disability became his strength.”

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Oklahoma, Lollar felt a strong call to ministry. He earned his master’s in biblical studies 20 years ago at Abilene (Texas) Christian University. The author later served as campus minister at the University of North Texas through The Navigators nationwide ministry.

About three years ago, Lollar founded Mobilize Ministries and serves as its executive director. The ministry recently moved to California to minister to members of the entertainment industry.

Lollar has traveled across the nation for a decade speaking and inspiring people to follow Jesus passionately. God continues to use his disability to connect with people and lead them to Jesus.

Although he now lives in Glendale, Calif., he stays in frequent contact with family and friends in Yukon.

Learn more about the author and his ministry by visiting his website at http://www.toddlollar.com or Mobilize Ministries’ Facebook page, or connecting on Twitter and Instagram @toddlollar.



The new author has been reading Christian living books for 30 years. But “Weak Is the New Strong” is one-of-a-kind.

“I have never heard of a book like this,” Lollar said. “Yes, this book is by a guy with a physical challenge, but more importantly, this book invites the reader on a biblical journey of discovering how your weaknesses are a way to experience God’s power in and through you!

“Once you have discovered how God’s power is displayed in your weaknesses, you have really just started the journey. This book walks you through the ways weaknesses helps you spiritually, like prayer, and even plays a life coach-type role to help you see how weaknesses help your relationally and financially.”

Writing “Weak Is the New Strong” has been on Lollar’s heart for 15 years.

The author was asked about the timing of the book release, set Aug. 11, which he believes couldn’t have been more perfect.

“The world is at its weakest point ever since I’ve been alive,” Lollar opined. “If you are weak because you or a family member got COVID-19, then this book is for you. If you’ve experienced weakness in your finances in this time of one of the highest unemployment rates in history, this book is for you.

“If your heart is weak due to loneliness from mandatory shelter-in-place or depression due to lack of community, then this book is for you!”

A foreward for the book, written by Jase Robertson from “Duck Dynasty,” features the story of how the two met and became friends.

Robertson described “Weak Is the New Strong” as “real, useful and inspirational, with a touch of humor.”

“It is motivational to see a man who has endured so much pain, frustration and challenge in his life have such a sense of humor woven through his God-transformed character,” Robertson wrote. “The irony of meeting Todd at a speaking event is that my biggest weakness has always been shyness and public speaking.

“God changed that into a strength! It is what God does.”

Lollar’s new book “Weak Is the New Strong” retails for $17.99. Pre-order copies through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Christianbook.com, or visit weakisthenewstrong.com