Helping Firefighters

Canadian County Republican Party donates $500 to Piedmont

Jeramy Carnes, chairman of the Canadian County Republican Party, makes a donation of $500 to Piedmont Fire Chief Andy Logan on Monday, July 13, for equipment for a new fire truck. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

A county fire department will be better equipped on a new fire truck with a helpful donation from the Canadian County Republican Party.

Jeramy Carnes, party chairman, and others from across the county, joined firefighters and city officials Monday night to present a check for $500 for the new truck that was parked outside the Piedmont Fire Department.

“We’re presenting them with a $500 check to help outfit their new truck and get the supplies they need in order to get on the road and get ready to help the public. We’re really excited to be able to help them today,” Carnes said.

At a recent county meeting, Republican Party members heard about the need for equipment and hoses for the truck in Piedmont and many of the members pitched in funds for the department.


Chief Logan said, “It’s an amazing opportunity. We can’t thank them enough,” Logan said.
The fire truck was bought with a grant recently and the money will be needed for the rig to buy tools, hoses, pressure fans and other equipment, Logan said.

“All of the money will go toward outfitting this truck,” Logan said.