No change to mask rules in Yukon Friday

Oklahoma City Council passes indoor mask mandate

Yukon’s Mayor Shelli Selby updates the city’s emergency proclamation on Friday, July 10. (Photo provided)

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

Masks were mandated by municipal ordinance Friday in neighboring Oklahoma City for anyone over age 10 who is indoors in a public place until Sept. 8 effective immediately.

But no changes are immediate for the mask requirements in effect for Yukon residents, Yukon Mayor Shelli Selby said Friday.

“We’re not looking at any changes on masks right now,” Selby said.

In Yukon, masks are required to be worn by all bar employees and restaurant food servers. Masks are also required in any City of Yukon building.

Selby said she personally encourages people to wear masks.

The Oklahoma City Council voted to require masks for all of those who are over age 10 in indoor public places. The fine, or mandated fee for first time offenders is $9.

The age group required to wear masks was debated in Oklahoma City Friday afternoon. The proposed ordinance was amended to require those over age 10 to wear masks until Sept. 8. A $9 fine, or mandated fee, for violators on their first offense was approved.

Oklahoma City’s limits border Yukon on the south and east sides. A large portion of northwest Oklahoma City is in Canadian County.

Yukon’s emergency proclamation was updated in June to require masks in city buildings. Bars and restaurants have been allowed to return to full capacity and it is up to businesses to require masks or not on their premises.



The number of COVID-19 cases in Canadian County has continued to rise in recent weeks.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health declared Canadian County as one of 22 Oklahoma counties in the moderate range for risk of the coronavirus. There are no Oklahoma counties in the high risk range, and eight counties are in a normal range for risk while the risk is considered low in 47 counties, the department reported.

The health department reported there have been 344 cases of the coronavirus in Yukon, with 257 people having recovered. There has been one death in Yukon.

Canadian County has had the sixth most cases in the state since the pandemic began. There have been 631 cases in Canadian County with three deaths with 470 people recovering.

Oklahoma County has had the second most cases in the state behind Tulsa County. As of Friday afternoon, Oklahoma County has had 5,978 cases, 77 deaths and 4,498 people recovering.

Oklahoma City shows the highest numbers in the state for any city with 4,729 cases reported, 3,522 people recovering and 68 deaths.

Yukon’s emergency proclamation update on Friday, July 10 states there is a large number of people who live in Yukon and work in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma County, and the proclamation declared that there has been a recent spike after state reopening stages.

Selby said the COVID-19 data is being studied.

“We’re looking at the numbers daily and watching what other cities are doing,” Selby said.

The mask mandate was approved to take effect immediately in Oklahoma City.

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