Biggest OnCue yet coming to county

Work to start in a few months near Yukon


By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

Work on what will be the largest OnCue convenience store in the state is scheduled to begin in about six months just east of Yukon.

The fast-growing areas along the John Kilpatrick Turnpike corridor of eastern Canadian County continue to see more development.

And the newest and biggest OnCue is planned for Northwest Expressway and Hefner Road, on the northeast corner of the intersection, just east of the turnpike.

Scott Minton, OnCue Marketing spokesman, said the store will be the OnCue chain’s biggest when it opens.

“We are excited to begin construction within the next six months,” Minton said.

The new store will be about 9,000 square feet, with up to 14 gas pumps.

“It will be a nice-sized store with a drive-thru,” Minton said.

New sanitary sewer lines are being built in the area, so construction cannot begin until the lines are done. Dirt work will start soon on the new store, he said.

“We are still months away from it being serviceable,” Minton said.

The store will be on three acres. A housing addition is being built north of Northwest Expressway between Hefner and NW 122.


“It is a dirt lot today but it will start looking different pretty soon. It will be a nice store in the area,” Minton said.

OnCue headquarters is based in Stillwater and the chain has expanded in Oklahoma City in the last 20 years with currently 35 stores in Oklahoma City and 65 statewide.

Minton is the real estate director for OnCue, and he has been working in the position about two years ago.

“We look at sites that have the traffic and the need for services,” Minton said.

Another area OnCue store is planned in about two years to be located at State Highway 66 and John Kilpatrick Turnpike on the southeast corner of the intersection..

Minton said OnCue has had a decline is sales with the economic downturn from COVID-19 and challenges during the pandemic.

Fewer people have been driving as much during the pandemic, and less gasoline is being sold, he said.

“We are obviously down on sales but we have had zero layoffs and we are hiring,” Minton said.

He said stores are continuing to practice safety.

“We do everything we can to keep our employees safe and our customers and have followed CDC guidelines as much as we can,” Minton said.