Our community is lucky to have Pat Snyder


Jim Snyder called me this week from his home in Colorado to give me the news. More about that in a minute. Junior is just like Senior was, back in the day, whenever he would call me from his Maple Avenue corporate office to let me know what we needed to have or not have in the newspaper that week! Back in the 90s, I always got rattled when one of the Snyders, one of the Wrights or Nedra Funk called or needed to see me in person. Jimmy got really mad at me back in 1991 when I left to go on my honeymoon and his AD in the newspaper went to press with a $19,000 error in it. Snyders had promoted 4 pound bags of C & H sugar for only $1.19 each. Somehow, someway that price got in the paper at .19 cents per bag. Snyders ended-up honoring that deal and used it a loss-leader. When I returned from my honeymoon, I had five messages that Jim Snyder SR. and Jim Snyder, JR. both wanted to see me IMMEDIATELY upon my return to the UNITED STATES. I remember calling Jr. to accept my punishment and will never forget what he said to me. “Anderson, we had to honor that 19-cent price on all that sugar. But, I guess a lot of people read your paper because we stacked canning supplies and cheap COKES around it in the store and had one of the busiest weeks we have ever had in our history…and by the way, don’t you ever do that again!” he laughed! “You got really lucky on this one,” he said!

Another time Junior called me was on my birthday, December 22, 1992. I had just finished getting the annual Merry Christmas paper finished and delivered to our carriers for delivery. I had gone home to take a shower and get a sandwich. My then wife came into the bathroom, and told me Jim Snyder, Junior, was on the phone and said he had to talk to me immediately. I had just built him a special full-page color Christmas AD that contained a unique Christmas message to the community. The AD featured a large green L surrounded by a red circle with a red bar through the L. The Snyder’s logo was at the bottom of the AD. It was very simple. A cryptic Holiday message: NOEL. I got out of the shower and said, “Hi Jim.” He said, “Happy Birthday.” I asked him how he knew it was my birthday and he said, “Well your wife said you were in the shower, so I guess you are standing there talking to me in your birthday suit aren’t you?” He then told me that his families Christmas AD was the coolest thing he had ever seen and that his Mom, his dad and everyone else really loved it. He said it was just perfect!

Now back to the phone call from Jimmy. I have him on caller ID and when I picked up, he, as he always does, said, “What are your doing?” I usually tell him I am trying to make a small living for a large family or just trying to get through a tough day. Jimmy told me that his mother Pat Snyder was turning 90 years young this week and he thought we might want to send someone to cover the big drive-by celebration that was being held to commemorate her special day. Jim told me Pat was going to be sitting in her front yard under her big umbrella, protected from the sun, and waving at everyone who drove by to see her. I thought for a moment, that if we were not dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic, that the Snyder kids, Tom, Jim Kathy and Kim would have to reserve the Dale Robertson Center to accommodate the thousands of people that would attend that event!

Randy K. Anderson and Pat Snyder

I have always loved Pat Snyder. I have always considered her, Kay Wright and Nedra Funk the classiest ladies in all the land. Pat has always been a great friend and always takes the time to talk to me in depth whenever our paths have crossed out in the Yukon community during the past 30 years.

I remember at a community auction one night, seeing Clarence Wright place the high bid on a silent auction item that was dinner for four in the home of Jim and Pat Snyder. Clarence wrote a big check for that item. I once asked him why he paid so much for it, Clarence said, Anderson, have you ever tasted Pat Snyder’s cooking and had cocktails with Jim Snyder? I suddenly understood!

Pat Snyder is only 90. She is not getting older. She is getting better. She has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in our community and state. She is a very unique woman and our community is so lucky to have her here.

Happy Birthday Pat. I can only imagine the cake Emil, Fred and Doc would have made for you down at the store this week to help you celebrate your special day. We love you very much!

Thanks so much for reading. I will see you next Saturday. Would you like a Progress?