Recent rain bringing green grass to Yukon

As rain showers skirt around Yukon Monday afternoon, Jay Ross keeps on mowing just east of Yukon Parkway on the north side of State Highway 66. (Photo by Robert Medley)

From Staff Reports

The cutbacks in Yukon Monday afternoon were all along the highway.

Jay Ross kept the grass cut east of Yukon Parkway on the north side of State Highway 66/Main Street. He got an afternoon of mowing in before the heavy rains started. No mowing was ahead Tuesday as a flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service.

Yukon had 5.6 inches of rain Monday and Tuesday, the Oklahoma Mesonet reported.

Frequent summer rains have kept the grass green and growing around Yukon in parks and on public right-of-ways, areas that are mowed by city crews.

Most of Canadian County has ben in abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions, the U.S. Drought Monitor reports. More rainy days this week could be a drought buster as the hot days of August approach.

Yukon has had more than 24 inches of rain this year. Last year, Yukon’s rainfall total was 42.7 inches, including a spring with heavy rains and flooding, the Oklahoma Mesonet reports.

There is a 60% chance for rain Wednesday, The National Weather Service reported. The high temperature Wednesday will be near 89 degrees.

There is a 40% chance for rain Thursday night, and a 30% chance on Friday.

Temperatures will be cooler the rest of the week with highs in the 80s.

On Saturday, the first day of August, skies will be sunny with a high near 84 degrees. Sunday will be sunny with a high near 85.;

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