Luschen Family Auction a huge success

Yukon realtor contends auctions are the best way to liquidate assets

Ralph Lindsey, on the left, and Buford Ford enjoy the Luschen Family Auction, 1405 Edmond Road in Piedmont on July 25, held by Ken Carpenter Auction & Realty LLC, 136 W. Highway 152 in Mustang. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

The Luschen Family Auction in Piedmont on July 25 was a big success, according to broker Ken Carpenter, owner of Ken Carpenter Auction & Realty LLC, 136 W. Highway 152 in Mustang.

Pickups poured into a large farm pasture as bargain hunters gravitated into the north Piedmont area.

The auction, held onsite at 1405 Edmond Road NE in Piedmont, involved three generations of the Luschen family’s farm equipment and machinery, including antique pieces.

Food trucks were on hand for hungry and thirsty shoppers.

Ralph Lindsey and Buford Ford attended, saying they weren’t looking for anything special.

But they are auction junkies and enjoy the experience. And Joe Greenley spent a lot of time inspecting a baler he was interested in. Men and women rummaged through small items, and inspected larger items they had their eyes on.


Carpenter said, “The auction went very well. There was nothing left when it was over. People came from all over the state. The results exceeded Neil Luschen’s expectations.”
Various of the Luschen family members were at the auction. And Carpenter said, “That family was excellent to work with. And a lot of their neighbors and friends were there supporting them, and it was a really great auction.”

Luschen, who was born in Piedmont but grew up in Yukon, was pleased with the results. “It was a good sale,” Luschen said. “I’ve farmed all my life. I’ve already retired from farming. But I’m keeping my land.”

Carpenter said, “We have four online auctions this week. They include cars, a mobile home, and more. The home and car auctions will be both online and live auctions. We have a moving auction on Sunday, August 2. And we have another Piedmont online auction next month.”

The Luschen Auction proved once again what Carpenter always says. He contends that auctions are the best way to liquidate assets and get the most money for his clients.

To connect with Ken Carpenter and see his current auction information including online items up for bid, visit or call (405) 620-1524.