Emergency order violator fines to stand

Yukon City Council votes 3-2 against repeal

Yukon Vice Mayor, Jeff Wootton, right, and Mayor Shelli Selby, left discuss the emergency proclamation Tuesday, Aug. 4 at the city council meeting. (Photo by Robert Medley)

The possible fines for violators of Yukon’s emergency proclamation mandating masks for restaurant food servers, cooks and bartenders will stand.

Yukon’s Vice Mayor Jeff Wootton proposed repealing the $700 fine for violators, and said he thought Mayor Shelli Selby’s authority was “overreaching.”

Wootton’s proposal for repeal of any possible fines was nixed at the Tuesday night City Council meeting.

“I brought this up for consideration because I’m concerned that the current way we have this ordinance set up allows the Mayor to create a proclamation and then ties this ordinance to it, and I feel like this could, in the wrong situation, can lead to an abuse of power if used improperly. So, I feel that we need to look at it and make an adjustment on it so we can have a mechanism in place basically to keep us safe in the future,” Wootton said.


Councilman Aric Gilliland, Ward IV, and Wootton voted to repeal the ordinance.

Councilman Rick Cacini, Ward I, Councilwoman Donna Yanda, Ward III and Mayor Shelli Selby voted no against repealing the fine.

Police have not written any citations to violators in Yukon during the pandemic.

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