Pandemic helps local Scentsy consultant

Chandra Welt has products for every fragrance aspect of your life

Chandra Welt, an independent Scentsy dealer, explains her producsts to a customer, Mary Auge, at her booth at the OKC Gun Show on August 9, at the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

An independent Scentsy consultant for over 11 years, Chandra Welt says the pandemic has changed how her Scentsy business functions.

Married to a first responder, Welt said, “Business is doing good. At first the pandemic blew everything out of the water. The majority of my business is done through events, and those were canceled. However, I have a great customer base, and since everyone was at home, my online orders started to boom. Since April, Scentsy has had the highest record month in sales in the 16 years we’ve been in business. Scentsy is very busy right now.”

“We have products for every aspect of your life that you can have a fragrance for,” said Welt, who, prior to the pandemic, averaged 22 shows annually. “The products are for home, vehicle, pets, laundry, cleaning and more. And it’s a safe way to have fragrance in your home, using wickless candles, because there are no open flames, soot, or smoke, and no lead.”

Scentsy is known for over 80 scents that are part of its product line. A direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance, Scentsy offers stylish, innovative, and customizable products designed to warm the heart, inspire the soul, and enliven the senses. A network of Scentsy consultants sells the products in 12 countries. They are known for their exclusive fragrances in their scented laundry care, cleaning solutions, and luxury products for men, women, and children. And there are a variety of ways to enjoy the products, and profit from being part of Scentsy.

“I was in a friend’s office,” said Welt. “I smelled a scent, and she told me it was from her warmer. The heat was from a light bulb that was melting the wax. I got hooked because there was no open flame. So, when I ordered, I thought of all the people I know who use open flame candles, and bought gifts for them. The scents often remind people of something, like a happy time in your childhood, or some other good memory.” Apparently Welt’s enthusiasm paid off.

“My husband and I have seven kids,” Welt said. “I originally got into Scentsy to earn extra money to help pay for the kids’ sports. But through sales, promoting, and getting new team members, I earned a trip for me and my husband.” That’s when Welt realized she was onto something bigger than just paying for athletics.

“I’ve now earned 11 trips. My husband and I have been all over the world. Our first earned incentive tip was a seven day Alaskan cruise. We’ve also gone to Hawaii, the Bahamas, twice to Disney World, twice to the Dominican Republic, and a cruise leaving out of Puerto Rico and hitting all the islands to Barbados. We took a seven day cruise that left from Barcelona, Spain, and went to locations in Italy and France. Last year we went to Marco Island in France. And I earned this year’s incentive trip, which was a cruise from New York to Bermuda, but it was canceled due to the pandemic.”


The beauty of Scentsy, Welt said, “is that life happens, and you have those on your team who come and go. So you constantly focus on growing your team. As a result, I now have a very large extended family. Scentsy is my big extended family. I’ve met so many people and become friends with them. It’s about cohesion, so everyone is successful on their own journey.”

“One model we teach is to give more than you take,” Welt said. She stays busy, selling through home parties, and online. She coordinates mobile “basket parties” where someone else hosts the party for their friends, and Welt gives out testers of the scents, and catalogs so people may order. And she often is at events, growing her team and getting new customers. Welt enjoys having a booth at gun shows because wives gravitate to her booth, saying they’re so glad someone has a booth of interest to women. But men enjoy fragrance too, so they also stop by her booth to make purchases.

Connect with Chandra on line at, or by email at, or through her Facebook business page: Chandra’s Wickless Scentsations.