Conrad Marr handles it all

Offering revolutionary way to keep track of meds

Pharmacist Melissa Willingham demonstrates how the AdherePac system generates individually packaged and labeled medication, at Conrad-Marr Drug, 948 S. Yukon Parkway. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

Conrad-Marr Drug, 948 S. Yukon Parkway, is offering the AdherePac, a revolutionary way to keep track of your medications. And there’s no added cost to your pharmacy bill.

Pharmacist Melissa Willingham said, “We started this about a year ago, and we have several patients already using it. We’re the only pharmacy using this system in this area.”
“It’s really helpful if you take a lot of medications,” Willingham said. “It helps you stay on the same regimen. Your maintenance medications are put into a packaging system. You have a separate pack each for your breakfast, lunch, and evening medications, and you can have up to five medications in each packet. You have your medications in a package for the day.”


When patients have their prescriptions filled, they must contact Conrad-Marr and request their medications be packaged in the AdherePac system. “We are more than willing to help,” Willingham said. “We’ll talk to patients about this and help them.”

Conrad-Marr will work with patients’ doctors to sync all medications and keep the prescriptions up to date. Each individual pouch includes the patient’s name, the time of administration, the date of administration, as well as the medication names and strengths and quantities. Prescriptions are easy to understand with clearly printed instructions. As a result, cumbersome vials and complicated instructions are eliminated.

Routine maintenance prescriptions may be packaged in the system. But certain medications cannot be included such as those that are soluble, as needed, etc.

AdherePac is not child-resistant packaging.

Once enrolled in the AdherePac system, patients receive a reusable dispenser box to hold their roll of prescriptions for 30 days. Each month they receive a new roll. When they run out of pouches, they simply place the new roll in the dispenser box.

Patient benefits, when using The AdherePac, include: it’s easy to remember to take the correct medication at the right time; medications can be organized by date and time; pouch makes taking medication on the go easy; it’s convenient for organizing children’s medications; eliminates the need for cumbersome daily reminder boxes; and easy-to-read labels and easy-to-open tear pouches.

Connect with Conrad-Marr by calling (405) 354-2582, or email