My achy breaky back

Chiropractor works on animals and humans

Jose, a quarter horse and barrel horse, gets the ahhh treatment from Dr. Kasey Hamilton as she adjusts Jose’s neck, on a Canadian County farm. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

The 20-something Dr. Kasey Hamilton isn’t your ordinary chiropractor. She’ll fix your achy back and neck, and get you up and moving around again. But, she’ll also align your animals, such as horses and dogs. And yes, you read that correctly!

A chiropractor for several years now, Hamilton is very serious about what she does. She treats human clients at her day job as a chiropractor at Doyle Chiropractic and Family Wellness, 1050 W. Vandament Avenue in Yukon.

But when she’s not at Doyle’s, she makes house calls if you’ve got an animal that’s ailing. “I’ll travel up to an hour or two to a location,” Hamilton said.”But sometimes I charge a travel fee. But if they get several animals together at the location, I take the travel fee away.”

“When working on animals, you have to keep in mind that they are quadrupeds,” Hamilton said.

“They have four legs. Humans are bipeds with two legs. I work on the spine and the joints.”
Hamilton said, “When I work on horses, they will sigh or lift their leg, as a sign that what I’m doing feels good. Horses are athletics, and what I do improves their performance and athletic abilities.”

“The goal is to get the nervous system to function as it should,” Hamilton said.

“My ultimate passion in life is to prolong the life of someone’s best friend.”

Born in Mustang, Hamilton grew up on a Mustang farm, and she graduated from Mustang High School. Hamilton said,

“I was first introduced to chiropractic because of getting our animals adjusted. I had a horse that wasn’t performing well. A chiropractor came and adjusted him and then he was fine.”

“To be an animal chiropractor, you have to either be a veterinarian, or a human chiropractor,” Hamilton said.

“So I got my doctorate of chiropractic in Dallas, Texas.”

If you have an animal that may benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, connect with Dr. Hamilton by calling or texting her cell (405) 570-9810. Or call Doyle’s Chiropractic at (405) 354-5753 , leave a message for her, and she’ll return your call.