Relic Revival a blast from the past, vintage smorgasborg

Eric Brown, owner of Relic Revival, 320 Elm Avenue in Yukon, works with a mid-century radio in his store. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

Now serving up relics from the past, Eric Brown is doing what he loves. His store Relic Revival, 320 Elm Avenue in Yukon, is a vintage delight. With a primary focus on mid-century modern design, it’s a clean, organized version of all things old, and a great place to visit, shop, and have fun. The sign out front sums it up: “Mid-Century. Industrial. Good Stuff.”

Brown said, “The pandemic slowed me down. But I was able to sell a few things online and that got me through. And since opening after the shut down, I’ve been busier than usual.”
Once people find Relic Revival, they are impressed with the shop. “People are starting to find I’m here,” Brown said. “I wanted to have more of a gallery feel, not something that’s overwhelming for people. It’s a balancing act between looking nice and standing out a bit.
An Oklahoman since age 5, Brown earned a culinary degree, and was a chef for various restaurants in Oklahoma. “I was head chef for several,” Brown said.”But as a chef, I worked 60 to 80 hours a week. I had always been into old stuff, and I had a garage full of stuff, and a wife who wanted to use our garage. So, three years ago October, I opened this store.”

“There are things from all eras I appreciate,” Brown said. “So, my collection is eclectic. And I like vintage signs.”

Brown hunts for treasures at estate sales, garage sales, Craig’s List, online auctions, and in-person auctions. “I even pick up things on the side of the road,” Brown said.

“I keep my ear to the ground because I’m always looking for things. But when I look at it, before buying anything, it’s gotta have a soul, It has to speak to me and have a heart.”
“I’d like people to come check me out, and get something they’ll cherish for a lifetime,” Brown said.

Connect with Relic Revival on Facebook at Relic Revival, by email at, on Yelp at Relic Revival, or by phone (405) 473-5125.