Should they return?

Local residents chime in on Yukon’s return to school plan

Liz Murphy, of Yukon, gives her opinion in support of students returning to class in the Yukon Public School district. (Photo by Jeremy Pyle)

By Jeremy Pyle
Staff Writer

A random, on the street roundup of local opinions regarding the Yukon Public Schools plan to return students to classrooms, mostly showed support for the district plan.

Four out of six people who spoke to The Yukon Progress this week are in favor of students returning to classes five days a week for in-person learning.

One person was undecided about the issue and one person opposed to students returning to campuses.

Yukon’s school board has voted for students in pre-K through third grade to return on

Wednesday, Sept. 16 and students in fourth grade through 12th grades return on Monday, Sept. 21.

Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth had previously stated students would not return to in-person learning until after fall break, but the board voted 4-1 Monday, Sept. 7 in favor for the return to school plan.

Yukon’s Liz Murphy said she supports the return to classroom plan.

“We just can’t stop everything for this virus. They either need to completely stop school for a year or go back. This half and half just won’t work,” Murphy said.

Matthew Calalay said he has “mixed feelings,” and is undecided.

“I know we are having a lot of trouble with the online schools, but at the same time, the virus is going to spread.”

Karen Whelan of Yukon said she is opposed to the students returning right now.


“I think more needs to be done to ensure the safety of the children. You know we’ve already had a teacher in Mustang die, right? I think they should go on virtual,” Whelan said.

The Yukon district has about 8,800 students.

Otis Hite of Piedmont, supports the plan to return students to classrooms.

“I think they ought to be back to learn,” Hite said.

“They will learn more at school than they will at home.”

Mary Mixon of Yukon supports the return, she said.

“I’m all for it. I just don’t see any difference… them being around other kids playing in the neighborhood, or sitting beside each other at school,” Mixon said.

Danielle Rice of Yukon is not worried about the students returning to school and supports the Yukon board’s plan.

“I think they (students) will be fine. As long as you use safety precautions and everyone does what they are supposed to do I think everyone will be just fine, they will be okay,” Rice said.