Commissioners consider cost on storage unit

Delay on election board maintenance due to concerns

Marc Hader

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

EL RENO – Canadian County Commissioners are looking to reduce the maintenance cost of an important item at the election board office.

Commissioners, at their Sept. 14 meeting, were asked to approve a maintenance agreement for a Rotomat storage system at the Canadian County Election Board, 200 S Bickford.

But commissioners balked at paying the contract rate – $800 quarterly or $3,200 annually – for lubrication and visual inspection of the large storage unit.

“That’s an extremely high price,” District 3 County Commissioner Jack Stewart said.
Stewart noted the county would still be responsible to pay for repairs if the unit breaks down.

County Commission Chairman Marc Hader directed county maintenance supervisor Chris Jackson to check if county maintenance staff could maintain the unit to save money.

County Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold said her office “hasn’t had any problems” with the storage system but would be in a “world of hurt” if it broke down. She noted the Canadian County Health Department pays the same amount for maintenance of its Rotomat storage unit.


Armold advised commissioners there was “no hurry” to approve the agreement so the board decided to table action indefinitely.

In other business at Monday’s weekly meeting, commissioners approved:
• Awarding a $47,770 bid to King Electric of El Reno for a new generator at the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office annex. Another bidder did not meet specifications.
• A contract with contractor Jose Martinez to install a concrete pad outside the sheriff’s office, at a cost of $5,000. Plans call for a fence, picnic table and perhaps a gazebo to eventually be installed.
• A renewal agreement between GBC and the county election board for maintenance of a Pinnacle 27 roll laminator.

Commissioner Stewart gave the weekly county jail report, showing a total of 182 inmates in custody including 153 in-house. Some 25 inmates await state Department of Corrections’ transport.