From seed to sales

Yukon High School graduate researches and promotes products

Esco Brands employees mix and bake marijuana edibles in the kitchen. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

Esco Brands LLC is taking Oklahoma’s marijuana industry and products to an award-winning level, and Piedmont’s Miklyn McMahon is right there on the front lines.

Striving to produce the highest grade of cannabis medicine available in Oklahoma, Esco’s McMahon said, “I did my own research on how marijuana helps with brain functions. It’s not just an illegal street drug anymore.

Research has proven it can help with anything from anxiety and depression to more serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s tremors, and cancer. It helps with plaque buildup in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. It helps with migraines, and many other health issues.
It’s an amazing medicine.”

The Edmond marijuana processing company’s goals include creating pure botanical products from inception to shelf.

So far, Esco’s edibles, topicals, vape carts, concentrates, and flower are making waves. Their Crispy Iced Out Oreo Cereal Bar, infused with 100 milligrams of premium THC Oil, grabbed 1st place in edibles at the High Times Cannabis Cup awards. And their newly launched Sweet Stuff THC Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer took 2nd in topicals.

Their other High Times wins include 1st and 2nd for flower; 2nd for edibles; 1st in vape carts; 1st in topicals; 1st in concentrates; and 2nd in solvent-less.

Chemist created and clinically tested, Sweet Stuff face cream and vape line improves wrinkles, restores elasticity, and helps with problematic skin issues. McMahon said, “It’s for women, and made by a company owned by a woman.”

Esco’s drivers deliver products to about 100 Oklahoma dispensaries. The company also has its own five Electraleaf Cannabis Dispensary store fronts, which are located in Edmond, Chickasha, and Duncan, as well as Oklahoma City’s Bricktown and Midtown.

A Yukon High alum, McMahon earned accolades while at Oklahoma State University, studying biochemistry and pre-med. She and two others own Esco, which was founded in 2019. And they are also an umbrella company of ALTVM Grow and Oil Tycoon.

McMahon said, “I have a strong math and chemistry background. I also owned Petite 10 Tearoom, a restaurant in Yukon. Esco has become the best of both worlds from my past experiences. When medical marijuana came around, I was interested in the actual biochemistry of how this medicine works and the great benefits of this product.”


“We are trying to bust through the door of a male dominated industry,” said McMahon. “As of May 2018, Marijuana Business Daily reported women executive roles were at 27%. I know that a shift will come in the future, and I want to be on the forefront of this change.”

Except for two male delivery drivers, Esco’s employees are all women. “Not only do we give our women jobs in a field that is hard for women to get into, we also create women-focused lines to create a lifestyle,” said McMahon. “We are branching away from the stigmas of marijuana use, and teaching new methods for everyday activities and benefits. If not us, then who? We took it upon ourselves to get up and make it happen. We want to empower women, whether it be medical or every day.”

“We have been innovative and creative,” McMahon said. “Our team has brought a new light to the cannabis market. Our products have been clinically tested with trial runs. We have scientific backing to our products. Not only that, but we have a chef and a chemist (me), creating our new lines and creations. We know that everything is properly dosed because we bring strong knowledge and backgrounds to the table. We come with a scientific approach. Also, our staff knows and understands the severity of creating medicine. I tell my staff to imagine that each item that we make is going to a cancer patient, a lupus patient, and so forth. We need to be as stringent as possible to ensure the quality of our products.”

Esco’s facility takes marijuana from seed to sell. With Oil Tycoon equipment and employees on the premises, the entire process happens at the site, starting with cleaning the marijuana and processing the THC to make a cleaner product and remediating it to make a great product. And McMahon said they are monitored by the Health Department, as though they are a restaurant, and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. She said all their marijuana plants must be grown in state, and their products must not leave the state. Their products that contain THC are only available to those who hold medical marijuana cards.

Connect with Esco Brands at Electraleaf on Facebook; on the web; and on Instagram at Sweet, Electraleaf.ok; altvm_cannabis, oil tycoon, okc; LeafLink, and weedmaps. Or find an Electraleaf dispensary near you.