YFD truck ‘back in service’ after recent overhaul

Offline for seven weeks, engine one earns much-needed upgrade

Yukon Fire Chief Shawn Vogt

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

After being out of service about seven weeks, the Yukon Fire Department has welcomed back a first-response fire truck.

Last week, the Yukon City Council approved paying for a needed upgrade to the YFD’s engine one. The engine was back in service on Friday.

Council members, at their Sept. 15th meeting, agreed to pay Rush Truck Centers of Oklahoma City up to $40,000 for the emergency repairs.

The apparatus is the frontline engine response unit at Yukon fire station one, 1000 E Main. A 2013 model with nearly 208,000 miles, the truck was taken off-line in August with engine issues.

The city council first became aware of the mechanical problems at its Sept. 1st work session, when they gave the go-ahead for repairs to be completed.

In a memo to Yukon city officials, Yukon Fire Chief Shawn Vogt said engine one had been “out of service” for engine repairs.


“Once the first repairs were completed, other problems were found and ultimately the head had to be rebuilt,” Vogt said. “When that repair was made, it was discovered that the engine block would have to be pulled and replaced as well.”

At that time, estimated costs for all repairs was $34,334.

Chief Vogt emphasized that engine one is the YFD’s “frontline engine response unit” at station one.

“Our reserve engine is a 1994 model and, due to its age and mileage, it is not intended to be used as a frontline apparatus,” he told Yukon city leaders.

The overhaul to engine one was sorely needed, Yukon’s fire chief said recently.

“We’ve got to have that truck,” Vogt said. “It’s a very good truck. I know it’s never good to have to spend that kind of money, but once we get it back and fixed, it will last a long time.”