‘Yukon Salutes’ veterans

Main Street banner display opens Oct. 10 for ‘Yukon Military Appreciation Month’


By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

Yukon will pay homage to military veterans for their far-reaching impact on people’s lives and the community with a month-long tribute featuring banners along Main Street.

A kick-off for the “Yukon Salutes” military appreciation project will be 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 10 at the Yukon Veterans Museum, 1010 W Main. The event will feature a ribbon cutting and refreshments, and the museum will be open for tours.

Customized banners will honor and memorialize 40 local veterans.

Yukon Main Street Director Vicki Davis

“Those banners will be on display all month long,” Yukon Main Street Director Vicki Davis said. “We wanted to do something to celebrate the legacy of these veterans, and for the freedoms provided through their service and sacrifice.”

Each banner will contain the veteran’s photo, name, military branch, and years of service.

The banners, highlighting local veterans, will adorn street poles along Yukon’s Main Street corridor. The “Yukon Salutes” project is presented by the non-profit Yukon 66 Main Street Association and the City of Yukon.

“Many of these banners will be a surprise for whoever they are honoring,” Davis said. “So, we will have the installation of them finished as close to the 10th as we can.”



Mayor Shelli Selby will sign a proclamation declaring Oct. 11 through Nov. 11 as “Yukon Military Appreciation Month” to honor all veterans of U.S. armed services.

People registered through the Yukon Main Street office to sponsor banners for these military heroes. The 40 veterans will be showcased all month as part of the “Yukon Salutes” banner display.

Davis plans to post photos of veterans with details about their lives and service throughout the “Yukon Military Appreciation Month” observance.

Yukon Veterans Museum founder Rick Cacini thanked Yukon’s Best Main Street staff and volunteer for starting this “Yukon Salutes” project.

“This will be a memorable episode in our lives as veterans to see the City of Yukon welcome this project and show respect to people who put their lives on the line,” said Cacini, a Yukon City Council member. “This is a real tribute both for our residents and our veterans.

“The Yukon Veterans Museum is there is support any veteran who needs help. We were happy to volunteer to sponsor those veterans who couldn’t afford the sponsorship fee for the ‘Yukon Salutes’ project. The banners that will fly all month will be a great reminder of the sacrifices these military heroes made for their country.”