COVID-19 pushes local businesses forward

Rose Hernandez, owner of Lilyrose, works her booth at a Canadian County farmer’s market. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

When COVID-19 closures hit Rose Hernandez and her husband, she took her hobby to a new level. And her company Lilyrose was born.

A Yukon resident, Hernandez worked as a government employee for 32 years, and she retired in October 2019. She started making teas and body scrubs in 2017 as a hobby, and to give as gifts. In 2018 and 2019, she put on her serious hat, and started selling her organic wares.

Her husband is one of the owners of The Sanctuary Escape Games at the OKC Outlets, 7625 W. Reno Avenue in Oklahoma City. COVID-19 hit, and pandemic measures closed the venue. Hernandez said, “We couldn’t pay our bills. So I started selling at farmer’s markets.”
“I make unique, custom teas. I have 26 different recipes, and I’m working on others. I make them and test them on family and friends before selling them. I hand assemble every single tea bag I make. My most popular teas are Root Beer flavor, and Tranquil Rose. My teas help the mind, body, and spirit, and help you feel better. They help with things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and anxiousness.”

Hernandez also makes sugar scrubs, which are exfoliant body scrubs. She puts a trace of CBD in them. Hernandez said, “My husband and I got interested in CBD back in 2013 because our dog was not doing well.” Hernandez uses sugar, essential oils, and butters such as Shea butter in her scrubs. “I use ingredients that have healing properties for the skin,” said Hernandez. “My most popular scrubs are Jasmine, Lavender Woods, and Marshmallow.”


“I’m very supportive of health and wellness and healthy healing,” Hernandez said. “We take elderberry daily, and my husband and I rarely get sick. With my tea business, I love making people feel better.”

As well, Hernandez makes costumes. She’s especially known for haunted house costumes and creepy props. “I’m good at the gory side,” Hernandez said. “But I can do the fun things too.” She makes costumes for individuals and various venues, including Blue Zoo in Quail Springs Mall at 2501 W. Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. Blue Zoo is an interactive aquarium that includes a petting zoo aspect.

Hernandez said, “I’m a military brat. But I’ve lived here so long that I’m an Okie now. I call Oklahoma home because I’ve lived here the longest.”

Look for Hernandez’s teas and scrubs at Conscious Community Co-op, 2900 E. Waterloo Road in Edmond. You’ll often spot her at various farmer’s markets, including the Piedmont Farmer’s Market, Choctaw Creek Farmer’s Market on Harper Street in Choctaw, Ruzycki Farms Farmer’s Market at 10200 N. Choctaw Road in Jones, and more.

Connect with Hernandez by email at; by phone (405) 607-9346; and follow Lilyrose on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.