Yukon Writers’ Society offers ‘Self-Publishing Summit’

Keynote speaker Marie Korman will share “A CliffsNotes Guide to the Self-Publishing Process” during the Yukon Writers’ Society’s Self-Publishing Summit on Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Yukon Church, 11715 N.W. 10th. (Photo provided)

By Conrad Dudderar
Senior Staff Writer

Writers with a wide range of experience will move one step closer to realizing their dream at an upcoming Yukon conference.

The Yukon Writers’ Society will present its 2020 Self-Publishing Summit from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Yukon Church, 11715 N.W. 10th.

The event was originally set April 4 but postponed due to COVID-19.

The 2020 Self-Publishing Summit is for writers who are “ready to climb Publishing Peak” and achieve the “author dream,” organizers say.

The event is designed to help beginner, advanced and in-between writers venture out in the self-publishing world, persist through the learning curve and obstacles, and reach the peak of publication.

Attending the Oct. 17th conference will provide “clarity” for participating scribes.

“You will finally have answers on how to move forward with your book and get it self-published,” said Yukon’s Shayla Raquel, organizer of the Yukon Writers’ Society. “We brought together some award-winning and best-selling authors to present at this conference so they can help you prepare your manuscript and move forward in the publishing process.”

Encouragement and education are ultimate goals of this year’s self-publishing summit.

“We always deliver on that,” Raquel declared. “It will be exciting to really give people the ‘push’ they need to start holding their book in their hand sooner than they thought they would.”


Keynote speaker will be Marie Korman, who will share “A CliffsNotes Guide to the Self-Publishing Process”. Korman is a freelance writer, editor and publishing consultant.

Participants will take a cursory road trip down the self-publishing path, allowing them to gain an overview of the fundamental concepts and basic steps involved in the self-publishing process. Attendees will learn what’s involved in preparing their manuscript for publication and how to get it distributed.

The Yukon Writers’ Society’s 2020 Self-Publishing Summit will feature six other workshops presented by published writers:
• Tara Lynn Thompson, “Sell a Result, Not an Idea, to Find Your Reader Audience” – Learn how to attract and “woo” the readers who will become your loyal fan base.
• Kim Black, “Getting All Your Ducks in a Row” – Learn how to have everything done before submitting your book to be published.
• Marisa Mohi, “Creating a Content-Driven Author Platform” – Learn how to plan your editorial calendar and how to stay consistent so you can build an audience before you even publish.
• Mindy Schoeneman, “Pre-Publishing: How to Plan Your Way into Your Best Book” – Learn when to show your work to other people and how to plan a budget for time and money. Also learn what to do when seemingly nothing goes to plan.
• Mindy Schoeneman, “Overcoming the Biggest Roadblock to Self-Publishing: Yourself” – In this presenter’s second class, learn how to recognize your own lame excuses holding you back from writing your best book – and how to more forward anyway.
• Jennifer Oakley Denslow, “Ask for What You Want, Use What You Get” – Learn how to identify the feedback you need, ask the right people to provide it and apply that advice to make your novel the best it can be before you publish.

The Oct. 17th Self-Publishing Summit is open to all writers regardless of experience.

“You do not have to be a member to attend,” said Raquel, an expert editor, best-selling author and book marketer.

“We have people traveling from Texas and Missouri to attend. We have a lot of repeat attendees who love to be here because they learn so much. Our ultimate goal is the encourage people; we’re not here to criticize. We really want to lift up these writers and show them they can ‘make this happen’. They just need some help and accountability.”

While participants are encouraged to attend in person, the 2020 Self-Publishing Summit on Oct. 17 will be available on the Zoom video conferencing app for ticket holders. Tickets are on sale for $29 each at http://www.yukonwriterssociety.com



The non-profit Yukon Writers’ Society is an encouraging, supportive group of fiction writers in the Oklahoma City metro. Members provide each other constructive feedback of their work.

Founded in November 2016, the Yukon Writers’ Society is an encouraging critique group that helps group members start and finish their books and stories.

Participants learn more about the craft of writing and ways to have their work published.
“We really encourage people who are beginners and need a lot of ‘hand holding’,” Raquel explained. “We do allow any type of creative non-fiction, such as people who write memoirs.

“We really strive to work with novelists to bring their stories into their hands. We’ve had several published authors come from our group.”

Free bi-weekly Thursday workshops are offered in-person at the Yukon Church and online through Facebook Live. Yukon Writers’ Society members and guest speakers volunteer their time and resources.

“Because we’re a registered non-profit, all (conference) ticket sales allow us to offer free workshops to the community,” Raquel said. “If we didn’t have these ticket sales every year, we’d have to have member dues.

“We are one of the few writers’ groups that does not have member dues.”
Learn more at https://www.yukonwriterssociety.com/