‘Creative Crosswalk’ coming to downtown Yukon

City council approves Main Street art project to 'provide connectivity'


By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

A unique, colorful crosswalk is coming to Yukon’s downtown.

The Yukon City Council, at its Oct. 6th meeting, approved installing a “Creative Crosswalk” on S 5th Street between Main Street and Elm.

The project, requested by Yukon’s Best Main Street, was recommended by the city’s traffic commission.

Yukon Main Street Director Vicki Davis

The Creative Crosswalk will “provide connectivity” for downtown Main Street businesses to a public parking lot behind Yukon City Hall, according to Main Street Director Vicki Davis.

“We’re really proud to bring this together,” Davis told council members. “We’re not just a group that does events and parties. We really want to put the ‘meats and potatoes’ into our downtown.”

Creative crosswalks are a growing trend throughout downtown districts where public art meets safety enhancement, Davis noted.

Yukon’s Main Street director explained these crosswalks have proven to promote passive-leisure walking, increase foot traffic from business to business and “calm” traffic.

The Creative Crosswalk project is part of ongoing efforts to revitalize and enhance Yukon’s downtown business district.

“Over a year, we’ve brought it together with local artist Carlos Barboza,” said Yukon 66 Main Street Board Member Stephanie Hale, who chairs the Design Point Committee.

Barboza’s artwork can be seen several places along Main Street, notably a large mural at the base of the old flour mill.

Yukon’s Best Main Street board approved a recommended design submitted by Yukon artist Barboza.

“I think it’s going to become kind of a landmark too,” Hale predicted. “I think it’s going to bring a lot to Yukon.”



The Creative Crosswalk’s “all-things-Yukon” design will celebrate Yukon’s cultural heritage with eight uniquely designed artistic stripes that navigate history.

Crosswalk panels will feature Route 66, the Yukon Millers, Garth Brooks, Yukon’s Queen of the West Flour, Dale Robertson, Czech heritage, Mabel C. Fry, and the Chisholm Trail.

With parking issues in the 400 and 500 blocks of W Main, Main Street board members have sought creative ways to connect with the free parking behind city offices to allow people to cross S 5th Street and walk down the street to shop.

In approving the request, the city council added these conditions as recommended by the traffic commission:

  • The crosswalk will be placed on the south side of the alley on 5th Street.
  • Eight-inch white borders will be on the north and south sides of the crosswalk.
  • Two parking spaces on the east side of 5th Street will be removed to make room for the crosswalk.
  • Northbound and southbound “Pedestrian Crossing” and “Pedestrian Crossing Ahead” signage will be installed.

Proposed crosswalk size is 36 feet by 8 feet. Estimated cost is $3,600-$4,300 depending on the type of paint and sealant used.

It will take an estimated one to two weeks to install downtown Yukon’s new Creative Crosswalk.

Maintenance of the artwork will be conducted annually with volunteer work groups organized by Yukon Main Street’s Design Point Committee.