Sample ballots offer sneak peek

Yukon-area residents advised to ‘read up’ on races before casting votes


Facing a long general election ballot, Canadian County voters are being advised to “read up” on the races and issues before marking their choices.

Canadian County’s more-than 86,000 registered voters should visit the Oklahoma State Election Board website,, to view sample ballots before election day.

This will give voters a “sneak peek” of what they will see when they go to the ballot box on Tuesday, Nov. 3, according to Canadian County Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold.

On the homepage of the state Election Board website, voters should click on “OK Voters Portal” in red letters.

On the next page, click on “OK Voter Portal (OVP) Access” in blue letters.

“On the next page, it will require their last name, first name and complete date of birth,” Armold explained. “Then they can click the ‘Find Me’ button and it will pull all of their voter registration information and also give them some options, one being to view sample ballots.”

Canadian County voters are reminded that it takes a while for the 17-inch ballot to pass through the voting device, clear the entry slot path and fall into the tub at their polling place.

“They should not try to put the second ballot into the device until the first one has cleared the path or the second one may catch and jam in the wheels of the device,” Armold said.



Besides candidates for U.S. president and vice president, the names of other political contenders appear on Canadian County general election ballots.

Among races of local interest for Yukon-area voters are:
* State Representative District 43: Republican Jay Steagall (incumbent) of Yukon and Independent Cassie Kinet of Yukon.
* State Senator District 45: Republican Paul Rosino (incumbent) of Oklahoma City and Democrat Jennifer Wilkinson of Yukon.

Also appearing on Yukon-area ballots are:
* State Corporation Commissioner: Republican Todd Hiett (incumbent) and Libertarian Todd Hagopian.
* U.S. Senator: Republican Jim Inhofe (incumbent), Libertarian Robert Murphy, Democrat Abby Broyles, Independent Joan Farr, and Independent A.D. Nesbit.
* U.S. Representative District 3: Republican Frank Lucas (incumbent) and Democrat Zoe Midyett.

Voters across Oklahoma will decide whether to retain three state Supreme Court justices and five state appeals court judges.

Meanwhile, state questions 805 and 814 appear on the back side of the general election ballot.

Nearly half of Canadian County’s registered voters – those who live in Oklahoma City limits – will consider nine City of Oklahoma City charter change questions on a separate ballot.

Sample Ballot located in Saturdays 10/17 paper Page. 3A