Paving contractor hired for Canadian County road projects

Four roads north of N.W. Expressway due asphalt upgrade

District 1 Canadian County Commissioner Marc Hader

By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

Canadian County has hired a contractor to improve sections of four roads north of N.W. Expressway.

Atlas Paving has been awarded a contract to resurface with asphalt stretches of Cimarron Roads, Richland Road, Frisco Road, and Longview Drive in the Piedmont area.

The project is expected to be finished by Thanksgiving Day.

After these four roads are done, Canadian County District 1 Commissioner Marc Hader plans to work with Piedmont city officials on a project to rebuild 164th Street from N.W. Expressway to Piedmont Road.

Besides serving people who live in that area, Commissioner Hader believes these improvements will be an “economic generator” for Piedmont to encourage people to shop local businesses.

The District 1 commissioner explained the importance of the upcoming asphalt project.

“Cimarron, Richland and Frisco are our section-line roads that go north from Northwest Expressway up to 164th Street,” Hader said. “We’re trying to take care of the sections of road up there that are our responsibility exclusively.”

Canadian County Commissioners have approved an interlocal agreement with the City of Piedmont, which will pay half (an estimated $50,000) of the Frisco Road work in Piedmont’s jurisdiction.

“Frisco is the western boundary in that area between Piedmont and the unincorporated area,” Hader explained.

Longview Drive is a looping road that Canadian County Commissioners agreed to maintain in the 1960s.


Canadian County Commissioners awarded an “asphalt laid in place” bid to Atlas at a per-ton price.

The cost will be $76 per ton for Cimarron and Richland roads, and $75 per ton for Frisco Road and Longview Drive; with striping between $2,000-$2,500 per street.

Commissioners believed they would receive a very good price from Atlas Paving because the contractor already is working on nearby projects in Canadian County. The typical cost for such a laid asphalt project is $100 per ton.

“We received a bid that’s about a quarter less than that,” Hader noted.