Emergency city council meeting called in Yukon

Power lines droop along Main Street in Yukon Wednesday. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Yukon’s city council members met in the dark Wednesday at City Hall in an emergency meeting concerning the widespread power outages and weather situation.

Power was out in downtown Yukon. The emergency meeting had power when it started at 3 p.m. But power went out, and the meeting continued in a dark room with the shades open to allow a bit of light on a cloudy, icy day.

Yukon firefighters responded to more than 50 calls about downed power lines overnight, said Fire Chief Shawn Vogt. He said he did not know of any major injuries.

But power lines caused a number of small fires.

David Swift, who lives in central Yukon, said large, older trees started cracking and popping about 2 a.m. Wednesday and fell on power lines. The central Yukon area was hit in late August by a microburst of downward wind in a thunderstorm, and many trees had already been damaged. But the damage is much worse Wednesday, Swift said.

Homes in the original Yukon neighborhoods do not have underground power lines, and older trees collapsed onto lines. There were more than 6,700 outages in Yukon early Wednesday.

The Jackie Cooper Gymnasium at 1024 E Main Street has been opened for anyone who does not have power or heat at home.

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