Patriot Project raises funds, beautifies park

Second-graders Ian Allen, 8, Sheperd Green, 8, Isaiah Myers, 8, Brecken Koch, 8, and Courtney Green scrap paint on a curb at Chisholm Trail Park Friday. (Photo by Robert Medley)

From Staff Reports

The annual Southwest Covenant Schools’ Patriot Project is not just a fundraiser for the private school in Yukon, it is also a way students, parents and staff can give back to their city, said Courtney Green, a patron.

Green was one of the volunteers helping students scrape the curb of Chisholm Trail Park Friday, Nov. 6 in Yukon. The curbs would be painted bright yellow once all the old paint was scraped.

Braden Bloom, 8, a second-grader, was one of the students who helped scrape.

“It is fun, it is also hard work,” Bloom said, on a sunny and warm November day.


Green said the work to repaint the curbs would make the park safer. The work lasted until about 3 p.m. Friday.

“This is the Southwest Covenant Schools’ Patriot Project so each year our school does this.

You know how many schools sell candles or do things to get people to donate to help out with things around their schools? Well, our school just says, ‘Hey will you donate?’ And then, because we are given to we give back to the community. So we get donations for our school and then we donate our time and work back to the community,” Green said.

There were about 700 students and about 200 parents and adults helping them Friday at the park, Green said.