Credit card skimming device found in Yukon

An illegal credit card skimmer was found at a Yukon gas pump, police report. (Photo provided)

From Staff Reports

Yukon police have found two illegal credit card skimmers attached to gasoline pumps at a local convenience store, police Maj. Matt Fairchild said.

Police were alerted Thursday, Nov. 5 to a skimmer at Circle-K 1256 Garth Brooks Boulevard near Interstate 40.

The skimmer was removed from the gas pump, Fairchild reports. Then a second one was found at the same store Friday, Nov. 6.

A photo of the skimmer was posted on the department’s social media page.


“As you can see, this skimmer looks normal on the outside, but the inside is wired up to steal card information with one swipe,” police reported in the social media post.

Police say the best way to protect themselves from having their information stolen is to pay inside instead of at the pump.

Customers can also try wiggling the card reader before using to credit card to make sure it does not appear to have been tampered with. Also, check for anything out of the ordinary around the gas pump card reader, police say.

The Yukon incidents remain under investigation, and no arrests have been reported.

Anyone with information can call the Yukon Police non-emergency number at (405) 354-2553.