Cotton crops survive recent fall ice storm

Although threatened by the recent late October ice storm, the cotton crop in Yukon fared well, as seen on Nov. 12 at Garth Brooks Boulevard and N.W. 10. The year’s crop and is one of the best seen by one local farmer. (Photo by Robert Medley)

From Staff Reports

As one of the best cotton crops in memory neared harvest in Yukon in late October, nature threatened.

It couldn’t have been a worse threat. Freezing rain on Oct. 26 coated trees and vegetation across Canadian County and central Oklahoma. Then the temperatures froze and plants broke and fell to the ground.

Cotton however, proved to be hardy.

Along N.W. 10 on the east side of Garth Brooks Boulevard, Keith Kouba’s cotton survived.

Some of the white, puffy fibers were pulled from the bolls, and some cotton balls did fall on the ground, but mostly, the crop looked as good as it could look before Kouba had started the harvest.


Kouba has about 600 acres growing in and around Yukon.

Kouba said the crop was in good to excellent condition before the ice storm. The storm could have caused the grade of the cotton to drop, but so far, things are looking good.

Cotton is getting about 67 cents per pound.

Kouba said there have been some years he hasn’t finished the cotton harvest until March.

The plants have turned brown after the freeze, but the stalks remain standing with cotton ready to harvest.

Kouba said as long as the fibers do not fall to the ground the quality should remain intact.

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