Two basic stitches

Fancy Feathered Farm hosts crochet class

The Piedmont Public Library’s children’s specialist, Olivia Blackkeccer, reads author Peter H. Reynolds’ book “The Dot” to the children at a beginner’s crochet class at Fancy Feathered Farm near Piedmont on November 18. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

Fancy Feathered Farm, located in the Piedmont area, offered a children’s beginning crochet class on Wednesday, November 18. Part of the farm’s “Fancy lessons from the farm!” series, crafter Tiffani Sims taught the class.

Sims gave a lesson and a demonstration, and helped each child complete a crochet project. Students learned the two beginning crochet stitches, which are the slip knot and chain stitch. Each child went home with either a crocheted bracelet or necklace, made during the class.

After the crochet lesson, the Piedmont Public Library’s children’s specialist, Olivia Blackkeccer, read author Peter H. Reynolds’ book “The Dot” to the children.

Each child went home with a book.

Known to engage in many forms of craft projects, including cake decorating, Sims said, “I’ve been a crafter my whole life. My grandmother taught me to crochet. And my focus right now is on crochet. I’ve done some little things for friends in the past. But this is the first time I’ve taught officially. This is new, and I think it will be a fun experience.” Sims is known for her hand-crafted items, sold at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market, and at the Old Store in Piedmont.

Owner of the family-run farm, Fancy Feathered Farm, Thania Mayfield said, “We’re trying to meet the need of parents, for kids to engage with local artists and people in the community with their skills. For our next class on December 2, we’ll make real marshmallow from scratch, and learn about the marshmallow herb. Then on December 16, we’ll host a class called Tea Time, taught by Rose Hernandez. Students will review four herbs for texture, smell, and taste. Then they’ll make their own tea bag, and then make their tea to drink.”

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