Mike Vian

Mike Vian

Mike Vian was born to parents Lou and Cecil Vian on April 27, 1937, here in Yukon, this small town of about 2,500 people. He was baptized into the Catholic faith at St. Johns as an infant. Jack was an older brother, and then in 1939, a baby brother, Gene, graced the family. As these three boys grew in age and strength, and with very little parental supervision due to their dad’s death at an early age and mother’s nervous breakdown, there wasn’t much they didn’t try or do. They certainly kept the law enforcement on their toes.

Mike attended Yukon Schools, first through twelfth grades, graduating with a class of 50 students. Five years after graduation, he was inducted into the U.S. Army, spending time in Germany. He told stories of driving military vehicles on the Autobahn. When his time was up, he returned to Yukon and was employed at Jackie Cooper Oldsmobile.

The majority of his employment time was at the Yukon National Bank, serving as office supplies manager. He truly enjoyed this job and the people whom he served, making very good friends along the way. He had an unending appreciation and deep respect for his very special friend, Kay Wright. They were so good to each other. He carried their friendship with him always.

His time spent with his nephew Keith and wife Amy was also very special to him. They would spend Sunday morning breakfasts together, hearing stories of times past (like the $5.00 tip that John Kroutil would give for the boy pumping gas at the Standard Station on Main. The boys would run to see who got to serve him). They talked about his love for sports, didn’t matter the game, the team, the gender – the top 25 of any sport. They talked about his love of airplanes, fast cars, and Harley Davidsons. And Mike was very appreciative of the service rendered to them by the waitresses. His generous heart would always remember to tip very well. In one case, he heard of a waitress’ need for a car, so he gave her one, no thanks expected. Mike was always aware of weather, here and afar, in Colorado where his niece, Mindi and Christian live in particular. He and Mindi would share good phone conversations.

At family dinners at Ken and Irene McAlister’s, Mike would usually receive a beautiful, hand-written and drawn picture of rainbows or unicorns by Riley, Keith and Amy’s little grandgirl. And there would be the fond company of Jacey and Jacob, Keith and Amy’s kids.

He will be missed. May his soul rest in peace. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests making a donation to Manna Pantry in Yukon in memory of Mike.

Private services were held at the Yukon Cemetery. Online condolences may be signed at http://www.yandafuneral.com. Arrangements are under the direction of Yanda & Son Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Yukon.