Yukon to lease ‘sports park’ property

163 acres near SH-66 and Frisco ‘for pasture use only’

Yukon Assistant City Manager Mitchell Hort

By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

A large piece of property that previously had been proposed for a sports park is now being offered for lease.

The City of Yukon will solicit bids to lease 163 acres “for pasture use” on the south side of Highway 66 (Main Street) between Frisco and Richland roads, according to bid documents.

The Yukon Municipal Authority, comprised of city council members, has approved bid specifications for the sports park land lease.

This lease is only for pasture use, Yukon Development Services Director Mitchell Hort explained.

“Basically, we’re not going to let them cultivate the land,” Hort advised YMS trustees.

“This (seeking bids) is to see what kind of interest we have, to see what’s out there.”

The proposed land lease, for three years starting Jan. 1, 2021, may renew on a three-year basis on the same terms and conditions.

City officials believe now is a good time to lease the property, which now must be mowed and maintained to keep volunteer trees from springing up.

“Anything we do with the park will be down the road a-ways,” Hort explained. “We’re at least three- to five years down the road of doing something with it; maybe a little longer.

“We felt if we could get a little return on our investment, and not having to worry about mowing or keeping it up, that we could go out and see if there’s interest in renting it for pastureland.”

Yukon plans to keep a 650-foot strip of land along Frisco Road, not part of this lease, for future development. The city would still have to maintain this portion of the property.



YMA trustees have authorized the City of Yukon’s purchasing agent to advertise for bids for the proposal three-year lease. The bid opening is set 10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 23 in the Yukon City Hall conference room, 500 W Main.

Trustee Aric Gilliland wondered about how much money the lease could generate for the city.

“Not sure; that’s why we’re going to go out and see what kind of interest there is and what somebody may offer,” Hort replied.

After bids are opened, the YMA will consider the proposals before deciding whether to approve a lease.

“You can reject any bid and we could put any clause you’d want in the contract that we could work out with an individual, if we do have the interest,” Hort advised trustees.

A portion of the Frisco Road “sports park property” is now being used as a disposal site for ice storm debris. Yukon residents (with proof of residency) will be able to drop off broken tree limbs there from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through Tuesday, Dec. 15.

A new $14 million interchange at Interstate 40 and Frisco Road is being constructed just south of the property.