COVID-19 cases reported by health department


From Staff Reports

Canadian County had the 50th death from COVID-19 reported since the pandemic began in March, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

On Tuesday morning, Dec. 29, there had been 50 deaths reported in the county, and 10,351 cases of people with the virus that had been reported since March. There had been 9,255 people recover from the virus.

Canadian County has had the fourth most cases of counties in the state behind, Cleveland, Tulsa and Oklahoma counties.

Yukon had 17 deaths reported Dec. 29, 5,606 cases and 4,963 people recover.

El Reno had 13 deaths reported, 1,746 cases and 1,612 people recover.

Mustang had 14 deaths, 1,714 cases and 1,558 people recover.

Piedmont had 5 deaths reported, 724 cases and 636 people recover.

Okarche has had four deaths, 156 cases and 141 recoveries.

In Kingfisher County, there had been 1,335 cases, 10 deaths and 1,167 people recover.

Statewide, as of the morning of Dec. 29, the health department had reported 2,383 deaths, 282,587 cases and 244,676 people recover.