Louder than words

Local resident visually spotlights COVID-19 deaths

Over 2,000 white flags stand in Brandy Becerra’s front yard at 607 Garth Brooks Boulevard, representing all the Oklahomans who have died of COVID-19. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

Yukon’s Brandy Becerra is becoming somewhat of a media personality. Area television stations are interviewing her because of her latest cause, which is a visual on the front lawn of her home at 607 Garth Brooks Boulevard. She has over 2,000 white flags planted in the lawn, each representing one Oklahoman who has died from COVID-19.

Becerra said, “I began in early October with smaller flags. For every 1,000 Americans who died of COVID-19, I planted a flag.”

A resident of the Yukon-Mustang area for over 20 years, Becerra realized the impact COVID-19 was having on Oklahomans.

“My focus became my fellow Oklahomans. I was saddened because people were not taking it seriously. I switched to planting one flag for every Oklahoman who died. Now I have over 2,000 flags in my front yard.”


“I wish that people could see this as human lives and not just a number,” Becerra said, who has a career in architectural and design representation.

“Every life is important. People have come up to me and thanked me for doing this, and for taking this so seriously, because they’ve had COVID-19, or someone they know has died.”

“All this makes me question where humanity has gone,” Becerra said.

“It makes me angry that people are making this into a joke and saying things like ‘I’ve had it and I’m okay.’ But it’s not like that for everyone. It hurts my heart.”

Becerra creates a new video on Facebook each time she adds a significant number of flags to her yard. To connect with her on Facebook, go to Brandy Becerra.