Healthcare worker becomes Yukon realtor

Shantile Longan changes careers during pandemic

Shantile Longan

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

In the middle of a pandemic, one healthcare worker from Yukon has decided to change careers.

But the COVID-19 challenges were not the reasons for the change for Shantile Longan, 51.

Her husband John Longan is a realtor, and she said she was motivated by his success to move into a new career that she has enthusiasm to work in, and she says she has already had early success.

Longan was a home health and long-term care nurse for 20 years before she enrolled in October in the McGraw Real Estate Academy. The academy offers 90 hours of online work and then tests to obtain a license.

Shantile Longan earned her real estate license Dec. 8, completing the academy in about six weeks.

Now, Shantile Longan is learning from a mentor. She is mainly working with buyers currently.

She said her goal for the year is to sell 20 homes.

“It is really going good,” Shantile Longan said.

The local real estate market is also going well, said Frank Greer, Yukon realtor and leader of the Frank Greer Realty Team.

Canadian County is one of the fastest-growing areas in the state, he said.

There continues to be an increase in home sales, despite the pandemic.

There are many new homes and new developments in the Yukon and Canadian County areas, Greer said.

People are also moving to Oklahoma from California and New York and other parts of the country.

People who have been working from home have also decided they need larger homes, which has helped keep home sales brisk, Greer said.

Shantile Longan said the real estate academy opened doors for her.
“It’s a great career decision,” Shantile Longan said.

To sign up for the McGraw Real Estate Academy call Frank Greer at (405) 473-1762.

To reach Shantile Longan call her at (405) 274-0520. She can be reached by email at