Yukon City Council delays action on drainage study, street project

Split votes after vice mayor asks incoming CM to review documents

Yukon Vice Mayor Jeff Wootton

By Conrad Dudderar

Senior Staff Writer

The Yukon City Council has delayed approval of a drainage study and street improvement project after one member asked the council to wait until a new city manager starts.

Vice Mayor Jeff Wootton’s motions to postpone action on the two items were approved by 4-1 and 3-2 votes at the Jan. 5th city council meeting.

Noting the cost of the drainage study and street project, Wootton expressed his desire to have incoming City Manager Tammy Kretchmar “in place” to review all documents and “look over everything.” The vice mayor wants to be sure Kretchmar is “good with it” before the council approves spending the funds.

Incoming City Manager Tammy Kretchmar

Kretchmar, a 25-year City of Yukon employee, will become Yukon’s city manager in a few weeks after City Manager Jim Crosby retires effective Jan. 22. She has been assistant city manager since 2010.

The council was asked to approve paying $61,631 to contractor Brewer Construction Oklahoma for an infiltration study of the Turtle Creek drainage area, including a sanitary sewer inspection and survey. The action was recommended by city engineer Robbie Williams.

This item was postponed by a 4-1 council vote, with Ward 3 Council Member Donna Yanda dissenting.

Ward 3 City Council Member Donna Yanda

“I don’t really see a need to postpone it because Tammy’s been involved in the projects all along,” Yanda said. “She’s certainly been there to review them and be involved in the discussion.”

The council also was asked to approve paying $842,027.60 to Brewer Construction for reconstruction of 11th Street from the north approach of the North Canadian River bridge to Wilshire Boulevard and from Main Street to the south side of the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way.

This item was postponed by a 3-2 council vote, with Ward 1 Council Member Rick Cacini joining Yanda in dissenting.

Brewer Construction has a concrete and asphalt paving, drainage, water and sewer contract with the City of Yukon.



The Yukon City Council presented a proclamation honoring Yukon’s centennial citizen, Maxine Brockhaus, who celebrated her 100th birthday on Dec. 27, 2020.

“Happy birthday, Mrs. Brockhaus, and we wish you many more birthdays,” Mayor Selby said.

The proclamation recognized this milestone was mailed to the new Yukon centenarian.


Ward 1 City Council Member Rick Cacini

During council discussion at the end of Tuesday night’s meeting, Cacini said he’s like to “activate” Yukon’s historical society, railroad and agricultural museums. He believes this would help encourage visitors to Yukon.

“Our veterans museum is doing great, but I think we ought to get those other three museums working toward the same goal that we all would like to see happen in the City of Yukon – more people coming here,” said Cacini, founder and curator of the Yukon Veterans Museum.

“It’s something I’m recommending to the mayor.”


The city council approved the appointment of retired Canadian County Judge Gary Miller to the Spanish Cove Housing Authority Board for the remainder of a term expiring May 31, 2022. Miller recently retired as Yukon city attorney.

Council members also approved the re-appointment of Leslie Soulen to the Spanish Cove board for a term expiring May 31, 2026.