Local, national ammunition supplies low

Manufacturing of guns affected as well during pandemic

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West

From Staff Reports

There may be an ammunition shortage locally and across the country that may only get worse in the coming years, local gun dealers say.

Ammunition supplies have been affected in the United States since the pandemic as steel and copper production has scaled back.

A box of 99 mm shells a year ago sold online and in stores for about $9.50, and today sells online for $55 to $65 a box, a local gun dealer said.

There may be a shortage, but local shelves are not empty.

The gun shortage has been greatly caused by the pandemic, with plants in New York and other parts of the country shutdown with workers who may be out due to illness or cutbacks.

Also, local gun owners who fear new federal regulations on gun registrations or background checks that could be proposed for ammunition sells may affect how much ammunition people purchase, although stockpiling is not an issue when supplies are already low.
Gun dealers in Yukon and Canadian County said inventory has been low.


At Big K Pawn in Yukon, a clerk said, “We definitely have had a gun shortage.”
Big K does not sell ammunition, however, he said.

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said the sheriff’s department has 75 commissioned law officers who must train with firearms year-round, so there is a demand for ammunition.

“We have plenty of ammunition,” West said. “We don’t wait until we run out.”
But West said there have been delays with orders.

The ammunition for the sheriff’s department is ordered directly from manufacturer’s West said.

“I would call it a delay right now,” West said. “We order guns and ammunition direct from the manufacturer. We’re required to train and qualify annually for 75 commissioned officers,” West said.

Gun ranges have remained open in Canadian County during the pandemic.

Big Boy’s Guns & Ammunition is open at 8620 S.W. 74 near Mustang. The business advertises firearm classes and a gun range open for practice.